This Old Newton

This Old Newton is Low End Mac’s user-to-user Facebook support group for Apple Newton users, including MessagePads, eMates, and licensed devices. The group was begun on 2016.08.09 and is meant to replace the defunct Apple Newton group on Facebook.

This Old Newton

Following our “once removed” rule, discussion about using computers, smartphones, and other brands of PDAs that can interact with Newtons is allowed.

Low End Mac is not a Newton site, although we do have some coverage of the Newton. Low End Mac is unable to provide any support for the Newton – that’s why this group exists.

Be sure to read our guide to netiquette before posting to the group.

How can I join This Old Newton?

Follow this link to This Old Newton and sign up. Members must be approved, so it may take a little while before your membership is confirmed. We do this primarily to keep out spammers and trolls.

Who sponsors This Old Newton?

Dan Knight of Low End Mac is the founding admin of This Old Newton, which was begun on August 9, 2016.

Is This Old Newton only for users of Apple Newton equipment?

While anyone may join, this group will be most helpful to those using Newtons.

What is netiquette?

There are informal rules of the Internet which are termed “netiquette” to help people use proper etiquette within this form of communication. For more on online etiquette, click here.

What topics may be discussed?

Anything relating to Newton hardware and the Newton OS. This Old Newton is mostly an unmoderated closed group. Unmoderated means messages are sent to the group without prior knowledge of the group owner or managers; closed means only members may post. The group is closed to help fight spam.

Group admins are authorized to remove spam and other types of messages not germane to the group. Content of each message is the responsibility of the person posting it.

Because the group is closed, only members are able to post.

What topics may not be discussed?

The list is short:

  • Never post a link for Apple Service Manuals. Apple has a policy of shutting down sites that post such links, and Apple has people on some of our lists, so posting such links contributes to the sites posting this information being shut down. Nobody wins when that happens.
  • These are Newton lists, so let’s not debate who made the best PDA. We can discuss it, but in a friendly way.

What tone is expected in the discussion and who will facilitate this?

I expect this will become a kind and helpful community. Since Newton users range from beginners to gurus, please be tolerant of “dumb” questions, and please don’t bait or snipe at each other.

As these groups serve members of all ages and persuasions, potentially offensive, inflammatory, or controversial nicknames, email addresses, domain names, and signatures are not welcome and may lead to your membership being moderated, suspended, or cancelled.

The group is expected to handle things responsibly, and members are expected to behave in such a way that the group requires minimal administrative intervention. When action is required, the group owner and managers will act in accordance with our Rules for Group Management. This page also defines terms (ban, block, flame, troll, etc.) and lists the responsibilities of members.

Please report any major breach of netiquette to the admins – and any spam to the admins and Facebook.

Do you have any policies about selling products or services on
the list?

I’ve learned that some of the experts on any list gain their expertise professionally. For instance, I was the IT manager for a large Mac network. For those who make a living selling equipment or services, we have the following guidelines.

  1. List members may mention the availability of commercial services or products in the group, but no prices. (Individuals may list personal equipment with prices.)
  2. All correspondence regarding services or products should be conducted privately, not within the group.
  3. Neither the publisher nor the admins makes any claim regarding services or products offered by members of the list.

Because of the small size of the Newton community, we do not have a separate swap list. Please be sure to mention what country you are in when listing items for sale or being given away.

Dan Knight, publisher, Low End Mac

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