I’m Getting Low End Again

I once used decade old Apple gear, slowly creeping to more modern kit. But I may again be heading toward the low end camp.

I’ve owned many older Macs in my time. My whole interest in LowEndMac was spurned by a love of keeping old tech alive alongside financial constraints. Most of the Macs I have owned have been over 5 years old or more.

Amongst some of the 20+ Macs I have owned over the past 15 years, there have been a three year old Beige G3 tower in 2000, a six year old Clamshell iBook in 2006, a seven year old PowerMac G4 Cube in 2007, a six year old PowerBook G4 ‘TiBook’ in 2008, an eleven year old PowerBook 1400cs in 2008 and an eight year old iBook G4 in 2011.

In 2012 I started to climb the Mac ladder. I bought a three year old white MacBook – my newest Mac for over a decade and in 2014 I bought a two year old MacBook Air.

That is not to say I haven’t owned new Macs. In 2003 I bought a brand new eMac and in 2006 I bought a brand new Intel iMac. The eMac lasted me a long time, but the Intel iMac had an untimely death after only two years, which resulted in my plunge back to old kit.

My mobile phone also followed suit. I switched from current Symbian and Android roots, back to older iPhones. In 2011 I picked up a three year old iPhone 3G, in 2012 I picked up a three year old iPhone 3GS and in 2013 I picked up a three year old iPhone 4.

In 2014 I started to climb the iPhone ladder too. I bought a two year old iPhone 4s in 2013 and then a two year old iPhone 5 in 2014.

It’s a new year and my kit is another year older.

Low End

Owning two year old Apple kit doesn’t exactly put you in the low end camp. But now, not having upgrading my computer or phone for a while I am slowly slipping in to the low end category.

My MacBook Air might be a very decent i5 device with 8GB RAM, but it is a four year old Mac and the Air range was classed as their budget range. My iPhone 5 is now four years old and almost likely to not see the next release of iOS.

I wont be upgrading my MacBook Air any time soon. It’s an 11’ model and I love it. Despite its compact size and lower specs than a MacBook Pro of the same age it does everything I need to and super quick.

I wont be upgrading my iPhone anytime. Its an older model, but it does everything I need at a reasonable speed and being a 64GB model holds most of my music which is what I use it for the most.


I hope all you users of older kit will welcome me back to the low end camp where I belong. The low end world no longer means skulking in the shadows of ten year old kit, the fast pace of technology means newer kit is quickly becoming forced down the obsolete route. I am sure there will be people screaming at this article claiming a Mac with an i5 processor isn’t low end, but everyone has different ideas as to what low end really means.

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