Moving Forward

Friends, it’s been quite a year so far, and I’m ready to make some big changes. My divorce will be finalized soon, and I’m looking for a position as a technical writer or editor in either the US or Canada. I am willing to relocate.

I’ve been planning this for several months, but I had to wait until everything about the divorce was settled. Now that we have done that, I’d like to ask for your input and help on moving forward.

I have never had the title Technical Writer, but it’s what I do. In brief, a technical writer learns something (often a process of some sort) and communicates it in such a way that others can learn it more easily. Low End Mac has a host of articles like that, covering computing history, upgrade options, value equations, and much more.

I’d like to hear from you: Which of my articles on Low End Mac do you think best showcase my research and writing skills? I want to have a list available to provide to prospective employers. Please go to the Low End Mac page on Facebook and share links for your favorite articles, perhaps with some comments as to why you chose them.

I had been looking at a specific market, but this week I realized that I should widen my options. I am a Canadian citizen, so Canada is an option, particularly Ontario, where most of my relatives live. I am also a US citizen, so anywhere in the States is an option. Although I’m best known for my Mac and computer-related writing, I have many other interests. I don’t want to limit myself to technical fields.

I would like to be in a healthy, growing market where wages are good and the cost of living is reasonable – if not downright cheap. I take the low end part of Low End Mac and Low End Living seriously. I have bills to pay.

I would like to get away from the Grand Rapids, Michigan market, where I have spent 90% of my life, for a clean break and a fresh start. If you have any job leads, please go to my personal Facebook page and Message me.

Thanks in advance for your help. Once I get settled into a new job and locale, I look forward to writing much more here on Low End Mac.

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