Why I Buy Cheap Bluetooth Earpieces

I still have my first Bluetooth headset, a Plantronics that I paid about $85 for well over a decade ago. It still takes a charge. It still works. But pieces have fallen off, so it no longer fits well.It was time to replace it.

Cheap Bluetooth earphone from wish.com.

My first choice was another Plantronics, and about 2 years ago I got one for $35. It worked very well – until I lost it. It fell out of my ear at work, whether in the store or in the parking lot I don’t know, never to be seen again. At least by me.

One nice feature of Bluetooth headsets is that anyone who has it in their hands can sync to it. Sometimes holding it isn’t even necessary. It’s so easy to sync your smartphone, iPod touch, tablet, or computer to a Bluetooth headset that anyone who finds the one you lost can probably make it their own.

Cheap in-ear Bluetooth earbud from wish.com.

Earlier this year, after losing my second Plantronics, I decided to give wish.com a try. It’s easy to find a Bluetooth earpiece for under $5 shipped. So I ordered four, two of the standard design and two in-ear ones. I ordered two colors of two different devices so I could tell them apart if I’d just worn out the battery in one. Each was under $5 shipped from China, which took 2-3 weeks, although the black in-ear one was perpetually back ordered and never arrived (nor was it charged).

The regular ones worked pretty well, especially considering the price. They were fairly comfortable and had decent reception, dependent on which pocked my iPhone was in and which ear had the Bluetooth. It was a great way to listen to music at work without wires. I hate working with headphone wires getting in the way.

They included a second earbud that connected to the USB port on the bud with Bluetooth for listening in stereo, but at work we were only allowed to use one earbud so people could get our attention and we could hear the high-low coming.

Battery life was in the 1-1/2 to 2 hour range for these, and an hour to 1-1/4 for the smaller in-ear one. Again, the in-ear had decent sound quality, but reception was not at good since the antenna was in my ear while the iPhone was in a pants pocket or coat pocket.

Needless to say, I lost the two earpieces that I used regularly, and today I only have the hardly used in-ear one left. And I’ve ordered two more of the earpieces from wish.com, even though I now work from home and can generally listen to music as long and loud as I like from my iMac, the speakers connected to my Mac mini, my stereo with a 30-pin iPod/iPhone dock, or the Vizio sound bar connected to my TV by wires, since it also has Bluetooth.

Still, a Bluetooth headset or earpiece is very nice for phone conversations.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive one, give wish.com a try. I’ve been very happy with everything I received from them except for the free promotional pen/stylus/laser pointer that eventually fell apart. Like they say, you get what you pay for, and it was nice for the few months that it worked.

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