Low End Mac: All Slide Shows and Videos All of the Time

As of April 1st, 2018, Low End Mac is changing its funding model. While we will still accept donations from people who find the site helpful, we will begin the process of taking each and every article apart, updating it for our new format, and waiting for the money to come to us.

Slideshow Mac

We know this model works because so many cheesy, vapid websites survive by doing nothing but showing you 30 pages with one image about some 1980s celebrity and 20 ads, somehow getting people to click through page after page after page.

If they can do, we can do it better. We will be adding larger, higher quality images of various Macs and accessories and other Apple things so that even the smallest article currently on Low End Mac should become six or more slideshow pages.

We apologize for the inconvenience compared with simply reading a single page of text that gives you everything you need to know, but that is so 1990s! We see the handwriting on the wall, and we will make your eye bleed as you try to make your way to that last bit of vital information on the last slide of the series.

Video Mac

But wait, as they say on infomercials, there’s more. We will also be working with video making Mac lovers around the world to take our nice short articles and turn them into 5-10 minute videos that you can watch on the Low End Mac channel of YouTube. Within a few months, we should have enough content to begin monetizing it.

After all, we live in a different world where text takes a back seat to images, audio, and video. Low End Mac begins that transition today.

April. 1st. 2018.


short link: https://goo.gl/GVomBk