Micro Review: QacQoc Mini DisplayPort to HDMI Adapter

QacQoc is making a name for itself for its environmentally friendly and very affordable line of accessories, most of them with USB-C ports. None of my Macs have USB 3, let alone USB-C, so when QacQoc contacted me about reviewing their very nice USB-C hub, I had to share my predicament. They sent two items for me to review.

Of the two, the only one I’ve tested so far is an HDMI adapter for Macs that use the Mini DisplayPort. My Late 2008 Aluminum MacBook is one of those models, and while I really had no reason to want to connect it to my 43″ TV (twice the diagonal of the 21.5″ iMac I am using to write this), with this adapter I was able to do so.

Green Packaging

Both products I received came in a small cardboard box inside a thin cardboard sleeve with minimal packaging. The white outer sleeve measures just 1″ thick, 5.75″ wide, and about 2.45″ deep. It’s shrink wrapped, and there is a slightly heavier cardboard inner box that has cardboard’s natural color.

Open up that box, and there’s a cardboard insert that holds the adapter in place, a thin foam cover over the Mini DisplayPort connector, and a note from QacQoc asking if you’re happy with your purchase.

All in all, well packaged for shipment anywhere in the world with a very low environmental footprint. That’s one sign of being green.

Green Construction

End to end, the HDMI adapter is about 7.25″ long. The Mini DisplayPort connector has a protective clear plastic cover. The adapter is all black – two plastic ends with a heavy black cable between them. I can’t talk to the longevity of a product I’ve barely tested, but I think this is going to last.

This device is much more compact than the equivalent Amazon Basics adapter. Using a minimal amount of materials is another aspect of green construction.

QacQoc Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter

It Just Works

There’s not much more you can say about this adapter than this: It works perfectly.

I was able to connect my MacBook to my 1080p TV set and mirror its screen to the TV. I unplugged the HDMI cable from my Roku and plugged it into the adapter. Easy peasy. I could also turn off mirroring and make the TV my primary display at 1920 x 1080 resolution.

If I didn’t have a Roku, I could use this to connect my MacBook to my TV to watch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and any of the other online services available through your computer’s browser.


With a $7.99 price tag, this is an economical way to connect a Mac with a Mini DisplayPort to a modern TV, especially if you have free Amazon Prime shipping or can add it to an order of $25 or more.

Thumbs up for a product that just works while also being environmentally friendly in construction and packaging.

Link: QacQoc Mini DP to HDMI Adapter at Amazon.com

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