To Sell or Not to Sell – That is the Question

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Has anyone had a terrible regret in their life and sold a prized Mac you knew was a really bad idea to sell just to get something else awesome? Well – I wound up on the short end of that stick for a while. I had sold my dual 1.42 GHz MDD G4 with copper heat sink and Geforce4 4600Ti regrettably recently for a very reasonable sum, but only did so, so I could acquire arguably the best plasma TV ever made – the Pioneer 101FD Elite Pro Kuro (if you don’t know what all the fuss is about on that plasma display, just look it up and you’ll find how it’s still superior in many ways to the best OLEDs of today when it comes to 1080p content due to amazing blacks/colors while having superior motion resolution). While this ultimate plasma display was an incredible bargain for me and close to an exact trade-off monetarily considering what I sold the MDD for, I still knew deep down that it was a very bad idea.

I’m sure you all know how hard the dual 1.42 GHz with copper heat sink and GeForce 4600Ti are to find, let alone together in the same unit.  I happened upon this awesome unicorn yet again – it was just listed within an hour or so of this writing and I pounced fast. Let’s just say that I got it back roughly for what it cost me to sell mine the first time, which was really awesome, so it wound up feeling like a win-win-win in the end (I got the plasma, I knowingly gave a fellow LEM fan a great deal, and I fortunately am getting the rare dual 1.42GHz MDD G4 and GF 4600Ti back again for what I sold it for considering my original costs), but I was lucky.. really lucky.  It’s the first one I’ve seen like it in 6 months now and is in pristine condition.
Here’s a couple of pictures of the newly acquired MDD G4.  To say that this unit is flawless is an understatement.
The moral of this story right now is that if you plan on selling a very desired collector’s piece of a Mac, especially to get something else for another hobby (another one of mine happens to be collecting rare displays) – be careful.  Even if money were no object, it’s starting to get to the point where the best units, best GPUs, etc. from the PowerPC G3 and G4 eras are being highly guarded by collectors and are beginning to shoot up in value.  The common stuff with lower rated specs are readily available, but even that stuff is starting to climb a little bit.  A veritable explosion of new Mac collectors is emerging.  Just look at the iBook G3 market and the rapidly climbing market for Titanium PowerBooks, eMacs and more.  It’s fair to say that the PowerPC G3 and G4 generations are starting to become regarded the highest and with the fondest of memories and sentiment of all Apple computers.  The unique designs and fact that these machines can still do some cool things make them exciting to own.  Pretty soon some of these wonderful machines are just going to get harder to find and when you do find them, expect the prices to only keep going up.
Take good care of your Low End Macs my friends.  Enjoy those Mac finding adventures, be safe and until next time when we gather again for another exciting “Low End Mac Campfire” story!