5 Golden Rules That Show Your Mac is Done

Buying a Mac is usually a strong long-term investment, but they cannot last forever.

Most people will get several years of heavy use out of their Mac while it is not uncommon for them to continue operating at a high level for a decade or even longer.

Eventually, though, your Mac is bound to start slowing down and you might be wondering whether it is time to think about replacing the machine.

You might even want to sell your Mac. Here are five golden rules that show your Mac is done.

MacBook with Logo


The obvious place to start is with the performance of your Mac. If the machine is slowing down and finding it hard to handle all the apps you want to use, it might be time to replace the Mac.

It might be difficult to accomplish tasks such as editing high-quality video or playing games at online casino sites on an older Mac. You can always test it with this demo version of the GOT slot to see how it is performing.

If you are using a Macbook, you might also find that the battery no longer holds charge as well. Replacing the battery could be a good idea to give your Macbook some more time before it needs to be upgraded. Another alternative could be to swap out the Mac’s HDD for an SSD.

Adding more RAM is another typical way people look to extend the life of their Mac. By taking some of these steps to improve the performance, you might find your Mac will be good for another year or even longer.

Lack of storage space

Mac users without a lot of storage space on their machine will be familiar with constantly having to manage their files.

Having to delete a lot of files can be frustrating and storage space is always going to be a problem on an older Mac.

Of course, it is possible to add more storage to a Mac, perhaps by using an external hard drive, but others might decide a new machine is a better solution for the long-term future.

Damage to the hardware

Macs are quite durable but accidents can still happen and if there is damage to the hardware, the chances are it might be time to replace the computer.

Dropping a Mac is one of the most common ways to damage the machine and when this happens, repair bills can be quite costly. If this is the case, it might make more sense to invest in a new Mac that is state of the art and will last for many years.

Cracks to the screen are an issue that it is going to be very hard to deal with. Replacing the screen on a Mac can be expensive, so if your computer has damage to the screen it might also be time to splash out on a new Mac.


Many creatives use a Mac, which means graphics are one of the most important areas.

Nowadays, Apple has built its own Mac graphics processors, but those with an older machine may be starting to get concerned about the graphics performance of their computer.

Benefits of Apple now having its own Mac graphics processors include the fact that there are lower power requirements as a result, so a new Mac might even be a good investment.

Comparing an older Mac to a newer computer, even one made by a company other than Apple, is likely to show deficiencies when it comes to the graphics capability.

When the graphics start to go on your Mac, it is a clear sign that the machine might be done.

Issues with the software

One of the most common ways a Mac begins to become unusable is regular software issues.

Apple releases a new version of macOS most years and older Macs may not be able to upgrade to the latest version, which is likely to pose a number of problems.

If the OS on your Mac is starting to freeze, this could be an indication the machine is ready to be upgraded or replaced altogether.

Random shutdowns are another clear sign that a Mac might be done, though reinstalling macOS might be a good way to clear up some of these issues.

While these five golden rules are worth following, sometimes it is just a question of timing. If you feel like the time is right to replace your Mac, then it is usually the right move.