Sad. Disappointed. Frustrated. Those are the words I would use to describe my feelings about “Throttlegate”, the recent revelation that Apple has indeed been slowing down older iPhones that have worn batteries.

The Macintosh Value Equation

Today’s Mac computers are amazing. They’re sleek, slim, extremely powerful, and filled with features like iCloud, AirPlay mirroring, Notification Center, and so on. So why are old Macs holding more value now than ever before, and does it make more sense to buy a new machine or a used one if the cost difference between […]

Can Apple Ever Win?

When you buy the latest and greatest, you expect it to last. Here at Low End Mac, we know that even the best of the best eventually becomes low-end. It appears, however, that some folks out there didn’t get that memo.

Change It Up! We Don’t Want an iPhone 18S Plus!

Remember the old days, back when Apple used names for its computers? Well I sure do, and I have a lot of fond memories of machines with names such as Performa, Centris, and Quadra. Sure the names were meaningless, but it made the machines sound that much more important.