6th Generation iPod touch

The 6G iPod touch is the first 64-bit iPod touch, following the iPhone 5S, 6, and 6 Plus in leaving behind 32-bit operation. It is also the first iPod touch with a 128 GB configuration, which is only available directly from Apple.

5th Generation iPod touch

The 5G iPod touch uses the same 4″ widescreen display as the iPhone 5 and the same dual-core Apple A5 CPU as the iPhone 4S. It was also the first iPod touch available in colors other than black and white and the first to use the Lightning port.

2nd Generation iPod touch

The 2G iPod touch is about 30% more powerful than the original iPod touch and was the first one with Bluetooth. It was also the first iPod touch with volume buttons and a built-in speaker.

Original iPod touch

As part of its huge September 2007 iPod event, Apple introduced the first iPod touch, essentially the original iPhone with its phone circuitry removed.