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MaxxBoxx clones have 10 drive baysThis page covers MaxxBoxx computers, clones built for the German Mac market. What distinguishes MaxxBoxx systems from other clones is a cube-shaped case with 10 drive bays.

WARNING: Some of these models do not support System 7.5.5. The only upgrade from 7.5.3 is directly to 7.6 or later. Never use the 7.5.5 updater. Others do not support Mac OS 7.6. The only upgrade is directly from 7.5.5 to 7.6.1. Details are included in model profiles.

  • Apple Squeezes Mac Clones Out of the Market, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2007.08.30. Apple started to license the Mac in 1994, the first clones arrived in 1995, and they quickly into Apple’s profitable high-end market.
  • MaxxBoxx: The Biggest, Most Colorful, Least Known Mac Clones, Tom Hormby, Orchard, 2006.09.12. Designed to accommodate several different Apple motherboards, the MaxxBoxx clones had room for up to 10 internal drives, garnering a dedicate following among German power users.
  • DriveSetup is compatible with some third-party drives (requires 68040 or PPC). See our compatibility list.
  • RAM Charger from Jump Development ($40) lets you get the most out of your RAM – especially helpful on Macs with 8 MB or less. By launching applications using the minimum amount of memory they need, RAM Charger lets you run more programs. It also works well with RAM Doubler. You can even download a demo.
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