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SETI@home Weekly Update

June 2, 2000 - Dan Knight

Congratulations to Team Art Bell, the first club team to pass the one million mark.

Eight of the top 25 teams changed places this week.

We are color coding changes: red text for hot teams that have climbed in the standings, blue for those that have cooled and dropped in the standings.

Team 6100, the slowest part of Team Mac Observer (it's only for unaccelerated Power Mac 6100s) has grown to eight members. We've now completed 36 units and are averaging 76-77 hours per unit. That means each computer can over two units per week, assuming they are running SETI@home full time (mine is). It's not a huge contribution to the effort, but we're adding about 2 units per day.

Key tools in this anaysis are the SETI@home team statistics page, the SETI Checker program (which visually graphs recent weeks for team performance), and Dave's Stats, which cover the whole SETI@home project, as well as the team he's part of, The Knights Who Say Ni!

In the following analysis, data in the second column comes from the SETI statistics page. Information in the third column comes from my analysis and Dave's Stats, which is my source for the average recent work units per day (because the page has not been since Wednesday, we're using Wednesday's averages). Note that this is a volatile figure which can change a fair bit from day to day, especially as members join or leave a team and bring their work units with them.

You can also view weekly reports from April 14, April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19, and May 26.

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1. Team Art Bell. The undisputed leader among club teams, Lamb Chop should overtake them this summer.

1,002,738 units
12,562 members
3,016 years
avg. 26:21
+16,416 units
+10 members
Avg. 1,427 units per day

2. Team Ars Technica Lamb Chop is gaining on Team Art Bell and should overtake them in about four weeks.

906,134 units
2,293 members
1,335 years
avg. 12:54
+29,980 units
+10 members
Avg. 4,039 units per day

3. Team MacAddict is the top Mac team. They lost 28,263 units in a single day, but almost made up for it during the rest of the week.

749,600 units
3,671 members
1,240 years
avg. 14:30
-6,513 units
+20 members
Avg. -1,107 units per day

4. The Knights Who Say Ni! are a long ways behind Team MacAddict, but they're closing the gap.

492,091 units
599 members
707 years
avg. 12:36
+20,705 units
+18 members
Avg. 2,993 units per day

5. Team Slashdot overtook The Planetary Society this week, thanks to a 32,009 unit day - the very same day Team MacAddict lost a key member. Coincidence?

396,708 units
2,120 members
773 years
avg. 17:05
+29,620 units
+1 member
Avg. 4,179 units per day

6. The Planetary Society dropped after Team Slashdot passed them.

395,713 units
1,123 members
832 years
avg. 18:26
+8,515 units
+6 members
Avg. 1,112 units per day

7. SETI.Germany has a pretty firm hold on 7th place for now. They could pass Team Slashdot this summer.

345,761 units
1,296 members
587 years
avg. 14:52
+7,604 units
+28 members
Avg. 919 units per day

8. O'Grady's Go2Mac.com Team is the second highest Mac team and not expected to rise in the standings.

291,596 units
1,211 members
548 years
avg. 16:29
+4,689 units
+1 member
Avg. 588 units per day

9. Canada remains at 9. Dave's stats project them passing O'Grady's team in late July.

255,773 units
941 members
541 years
avg. 18:32
+8,567 units
+13 members
Avg. 1,207 units per day

10. Rounding out the Top 10 is Linux, had one day where they lost over 1,000 work units.

245,770 units
433 members
411 years
avg. 14:39
+4,441 units
+6 members
Avg. 385 units per day

11. SETI@Netherlands, took a week off from passing other teams. Dave's stats indicate they could pass the Linux team within a month.

224,260 units
780 members
381 years
avg. 14 :53
+6,309 units
+14 members
Avg. 1,014 units per day

12. OS/2 Warp climbed past SETI Switzerland.

204,748 units
600 users
454 years
avg. 19:25
+4,079 units
no new members
Avg. 530 units per day

13. SETI Switzerland dropped due to member defection, which cost them over 22,500 work units in a single day.

188,824 units
377 members
315 years
avg. 14:37
+5,197 units
+3 members
Avg. 696 units per day

14. Team NIPPON swapped places with Team User Friendly.

169,662 units
569 members
282 years
avg. 14:33
-2,357 units
+8 members
avg. 624 units per day

15. Team User Friendly, composed of fans of the comic strip, has the slowest average time among the Top 15.

169,032 units
818 members
377 years
avg. 19:33
+2,036 units
+1 member
avg. 175 units per day

16. Team Mac Observer remains at 16 this week. They should catch Team User Friendly by mid-June.

164,594 units
649 members
285 years
avg. 15:09
+4,834 units
+3 members
Avg. 607 units per day

17. FreeBSD held the course.

156,564 units
306 members
272 years
avg. 15:14
+2,016 units
no new members
Avg. 266 units per day

18. Team Lockergnome has the slowest average time in the Top 20, yet is closing on FreeBSD and may pass them in the coming week.

153.530 units
1,312 members
405 years
avg. 22:42
+2,883 units
no new members
Avg. 381 units per day

19. SETI@Home Poland held on to 19th place despite losing over 4,000 units in a single day.

148,630 units
32 members
261 years
avg. 15:22
-1,314 units
+4 members
Avg. -201 units per day

20. Team BeOS rounds out the Top 20, trailing SETI@Home Poland by over 10,000 units.

141,852 units
646 members
255 years
avg. 15:45
+3,112 units
+10 members
Avg. 411 units per day

Just below the Top 20 we have:

21. The Amateur Radio Operators passed the Yahoo SETI Club.

123,408 units
295 members
277 years
avg. 19:41
+3,040 units
+7 members
avg. 668 units per day

22. Yahoo SETI Club Team does not appear to be a threat to any team in the Top 20.

123,098 units
293 members
236 years
avg. 16:50
+2,129 units
+4 members
Avg. 254 units per day
23. Team AnandTech moved past the Matrox User. They could easily move up a step or two in the next week.
122,981 units
315 members
184 years
avg. 13:10
+6,216 units
+5 members
avg. 722 units per day

24. Matrox Users dropped a notch, but should overtake Yahoo SETI and the Radio Operators in the near future.

121,992 units
459 members
180 years
avg. 12.56
+4,752 units
+6 members
avg. 850 units per day

25. Quebec finishes out the Top 25.

118,981 units
400 members
239 years
avg. 17:36
+5,777 units
no new members
avg. 378 units per day

This week, nothing below the Top 25 looks to be moving into the Top 20 in the near future.

Possible future contenders for Top 25 spots:

  • Team EDGE is currently at 27. Dave projects them at 19 within a month, which may be a bit optimistic. Reaching the Top 25 should be no problem.
  • Forum Hardware.FR Team, 32, will reach 21, according to Dave's stats. It's a fairly new team, but they do look destined for the Top 25.

Remember all this is based on a fairly simple mathematical model that is thrown off by significant defections or additions to a team's stats. Dave and I have been corresponding to develop a model that will create more reliable predictions.

That's how the top team standings look this week on the SETI@home club team page. Come back next Friday for another update. (And if you'd like to join a team, I'd like to see you join Team Mac Observer.) LEM

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