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SETI@home Weekly Update

June 10, 2000 - Dan Knight

The update is a day late this week. Sorry, but SETI stats were not updated early enough on Friday, and then I had real problems with the cable modem.

Again this week, eight of the top 25 teams changed places.

Changes are color coded: red text for hot teams that have climbed in the standings, blue for those that have cooled and dropped in the standings.

Team 6100, the slowest part of Team Mac Observer (it's only for unaccelerated Power Mac 6100s) has grown to eight members. We've now completed 48 units and are averaging 12 units per week.

Key tools in this anaysis are the SETI@home team statistics page, the SETI Checker program (which visually graphs recent weeks for team performance), and Dave's Stats, which cover the whole SETI@home project, as well as the team he's part of, The Knights Who Say Ni!

In the following analysis, data in the second column comes from the SETI statistics page. Information in the third column comes from my analysis and Dave's Stats, which is my source for the average recent work units per day (because the stats have not been updated since Wednesday, we're using Wednesday's averages). Note that this is a volatile figure which can change a fair bit from day to day, especially as members join or leave a team and bring their work units with them.

You can also view weekly reports from April 14, April 21, April 28, May 5, May 12, May 19, May 26, and June 2.

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1. Team Art Bell. The undisputed leader among club teams, Lamb Chop should overtake them this summer.

1,027,452 units
12,597 members
3,074 years
avg. 26:13
+24,714 units
+35 members
Avg. 3,148 units per day

2. Team Ars Technica Lamb Chop is gaining on Team Art Bell and should overtake them in August.

942,065 units
2,327 members
1,378 years
avg. 12:49
+35,931 units
+34 members
Avg. 4,486 units per day

3. Team MacAddict is the top Mac team. They lost 28,263 units in a single day, but almost made up for it during the rest of the week.

774,416 units
3,703 members
1,276 years
avg. 14:26
+24,186 units
+32 members
Avg. 3,197 units per day

4. The Knights Who Say Ni! are a long ways behind Team MacAddict and slowly closing the gap.

518,959 units
629 members
741 years
avg. 12:31
+26,868 units
+29 members
Avg. 3,518 units per day

5. The Planetary Society slipped past Team Slashdot, which passed them last week.

409,837 units
1,140 members
856 years
avg. 18:18
+14,124 units
+17 members
Avg. 1,769 units per day

6. Team Slashdot slid back to 6th place after The Planetary Society retook 5th place.

405,348 units
2,123 members
787 years
avg. 17:01
+8,640 units
+3 members
Avg. 1,087 units per day

7. SETI.Germany has a pretty firm hold on 7th place for now. They could pass Team Slashdot late this summer.

358,458 units
1,327 members
604 years
avg. 14:46
+12,697 units
+31 members
Avg. 1,589 units per day

8. O'Grady's Go2Mac.com Team is the second highest Mac team and not expected to rise in the standings.

298,700 units
1,212 members
559 years
avg. 16:23
+7,104 units
+1 member
Avg. 915 units per day

9. Canada remains at 9. Dave's stats project them passing O'Grady's team eventually.

264,362 units
955 members
555 years
avg. 18:24
+8,589 units
+14 members
Avg. 1,073 units per day

10. Rounding out the Top 10 is Linux, had one day where they lost over 1,000 work units.

252,765 units
444 members
421 years
avg. 14:35
+6,995 units
+11 members
Avg. 897 units per day

11. SETI@Netherlands, continues plugging away. Dave's stats indicate they could pass the Linux team around September 1.

233,582 units
797 members
395 years
avg. 14 :49
+9,322 units
+17 members
Avg. 1,132 units per day

12. OS/2 Warp is holding steady.

211,168 units
601 users
465 years
avg. 19:17
+6,420 units
+1 member
Avg. 808 units per day

13. SETI Switzerland continues solid work, but isn't gaining.

194,961 units
380 members
324 years
avg. 14:34
+6,137 units
+3 members
Avg. 774 units per day

14. Team NIPPON could catch SETI Switzerland in September.

175,986 units
574 members
290 years
avg. 14:26
+6,324 units
+5 members
avg. 816 units per day

15. Team User Friendly retains the slowest average time among the Top 15. Team Mac Observer should catch them in the next week or so.

173,906 units
821 members
385 years
avg. 19:25
+4,874 units
+3 members
avg. 626 units per day

16. Team Mac Observer should catch Team User Friendly around June 21.

171,302 units
654 members
294 years
avg. 15:03
+6,708 units
+5 members
Avg. 875 units per day

17. Team Lockergnome has the slowest average time in the Top 20, yet is closing on FreeBSD and may pass them in the coming week.

162,085 units
1,309 members
415 years
avg. 22:26
+8,555 units
-3 members
Avg. 728 units per day

18. FreeBSD was overtaken by Team Lockergnome.

156,564 units
307 members
277 years
avg. 15:12
+3,134 units
+1 member
Avg. 392 units per day

19. SETI@Home Poland held on to 19th place and is gaining on FreeBSD.

152,841 units
321 members
267 years
avg. 15:20
+4,211 units
+1 members
Avg. 557 units per day

20. Team BeOS rounds out the Top 20, trailing SETI@Home Poland by over 10,000 units.

146,168 units
653 members
262 years
avg. 15:41
+4,316 units
+7 members
Avg. 555 units per day

Just below the Top 20 we have:

21. Team AnandTech zipped past the Amateur Radio Operators and the Yahoo SETI Club Team this week. Given a month, they should enter the Top 20.
130,876 units
319 members
193 years
avg. 12.56
+7,895 units
+4 members
avg. 1,041 units per day

22. Matrox Users also moved past the Amateur Radio Operators and the Yahoo SETI Club Team this week. They should eventually enter the Top 20.

128,545 units
461 members
188 years
avg. 12.50
+6,553 units
+2 members
avg. 815 units per day

22. The Amateur Radio Operators dropped two steps.

127,695 units
299 members
285 years
avg. 19:35
+4,287 units
+4 members
avg. 565 units per day

23. Yahoo SETI Club Team also moved back two steps.

125,954 units
295 members
241 years
avg. 16:45
+2,856 units
+2 members
Avg. 382 units per day

25. Quebec finishes out the Top 25 and could pass the Yahoo team at the end of June.

123,139 units
402 members
246 years
avg. 17:28
+4,158 units
+2 members
avg. 525 units per day

This week, nothing below the Top 25 looks to be moving into the Top 20 in the near future.

Possible future contender for a Top 25 spot:

  • Forum Hardware.FR Team, 28, will reach 20, according to Dave's stats. They have the 6th highest average units per week (1,740) and could reach 20 within a month.

Remember all this is based on a fairly simple mathematical model that is thrown off by significant defections or additions to a team's stats. Dave and I have been corresponding to develop a model that will create more reliable predictions.

That's how the top team standings look this week on the SETI@home club team page. Come back next Friday for another update. (And if you'd like to join a team, I'd like to see you join Team Mac Observer.) LEM

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