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SETI@home Weekly Update

May 5, 2000 - Dan Knight

As part of Team Mac Observer, we've been following teams in our neighborhood (we're at 19 this week) closely for the past few weeks - but SETI@home is a lot more than just our ranking in the Top 20.

The "fun" addition to Team Mac Observer this week has been my own 66 MHz Power Mac 6100, which completed a single work unit in under 60 hours. Not bad for six-year-old technology! In fact, I'm starting a sub-team, Team 6100, for Power Mac 6100 owners. Ten of these roughly equals a G4/400. ;-)

None of the Top 15 teams changed places this past week, which is quite remarkable in and of itself. In fact, the only change in club team standings among the Top 20 was when FreeBSD passed SETI@Home Poland.

Most teams have a lower average units per day score, since the SETI@home server was down for most of a day earlier in the week.

My goal is to provide a weekly overview of the Top 20 teams, plus the next five teams and others that may be contending to join the Top 20 list. Key tools are the SETI@home team statistics page, the SETI Checker program (which visually graphs recent weeks for team performance), and Dave's Stats, which cover the whole SETI@home project, as well as the team he's part of, The Knights Who Say Ni!

In the following analysis, data in the second column comes from the SETI statistics page. Information in the third column comes from my analysis and Dave's Stats, which is my source for the average recent work units per day. Note that this is a volatile figure which can change a fair bit from day to day, especially as members join or leave a team and bring their work units with them.

You can also view weekly reports from April 14, April 21, and April 28.

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1. Team Art Bell. The undisputed leader among club teams, Lamb Chop should overtake them next year.

953,324 units
12,542 members
2,881 years
avg. 26:29
+16,291 units
+4 members
Avg. 2,313 units per day

2. Team Ars Technica Lamb Chop has the best average time per unit of any team in the Top 25. They are gaining on Team Art Bell by about 1,300 units per day and could overtake them late this summer.

773,185 units
2,161 members
1,168 years
avg. 13:14
+27,123 units
+10 members
Avg. 3,874 units per day

3. Team MacAddict is the top Mac team, but they are not crunching enough units to climb in the standings.

678,454 units
3,573 members
1,132 years
avg. 14:37
+13,484 units
+33 members
Avg. 1,926 units per day

4. The Knights Who Say Ni! are moving up in the standings - they were 9 in late March and 6 last week. They should reach 3 by the end of the year.

410,487 units
533 members
599 years
avg. 12:47
+23,032 units
+23 members
Avg. 3,290 units per day

5. The Planetary Society overtook Team Slashdot as they were being passed by The Knights Who Say Ni!

360,225 units
1,100 members
770 years
avg. 18:44
+7,039 units
+10 members
Avg. 1,005 units per day

6. Team Slashdot has dropped to sixth after being overtaken by The Planetary Society and The Knights Who Say Ni!

355,061 units
2,117 members
718 years
avg. 17:43
+5,222 units
-1 member
Avg. 746 units per day

7. SETI.Germany was recently bumped back to 7 by The Knights Who Say NI! Their hold on 7 looks pretty firm. They could pass Team Slashdot in July or August.

311,501 units
1,191 members
540 years
avg. 15:11
+8,919 units
+18 members
Avg. 1,274 units per day

8. O'Grady's Go2Mac.com Team is the second highest Mac team and not expected to rise in the standings.

272,854 units
1,211 members
516 years
avg. 16:34
+6,544 units
+2 members
Avg. 934 units per day

9. Canada lost a lot of work units this week, but remains at 9.

231,981 units
903 members
497 years
avg. 18:46
+6,297 units
+15 members
Avg. 904 units per day

10. Rounding out the Top 10 is Linux, which doesn't appear to have any chance of rising in the standings.

228,081 units
407 members
379 years
avg. 14:34
+5,176 units
+3 members
Avg. 739 units per day

11. OS/2 Warp isn't dead, as this team demonstrates. They are averaging just under 20 hours per unit, the second slowest among the Top 15 club teams.

186,420 units
590 users
422 years
avg. 19:49
+4,060 units
+2 members
Avg. 580 units per day

12. SETI Switzerland remains at 12 and is expected to pass OS/2 Warp in a couple days. However, they will probably be passed by SETI@Netherlands soon after that.

185,397 units
354 members
308 years
avg. 14:33
+9,748 units
+6 members
Avg. 1,392 units per day

13. The real climbers continue to be SETI@Netherlands, which remains at 13 this week. By the end of May they should pass the Swiss, reaching 11 in about four weeks.

177,387 units
698 members
299 years
avg. 14 :45
+12,935 units
+85 members
Avg. 1,847 units per day thanks to new members

14. Team NIPPON passed Team User Friendly, but were themselves passed by SETI@Netherlands.

162,432 units
552 members
270 years
avg. 14:33
+4,339 units
+3 members
avg. 619 units per day

15. Team User Friendly, composed of fans of the comic strip, has the slowest average time among the Top 15. They are expected to slowly drop in the standings.

160,283 units
821 members
363 years
avg. 19:51
+2,808 units
+2 members
avg. 401 units per day

16. FreeBSD had a large infusion of work units on Thursday and moved up to 16. They may pass Team User Friendly in June.

147,645 units
298 members
257 years
avg. 15:14
+6,026 units
+3 members
Avg. 860 units per day

17. SETI@Home Poland was passed by the FreeBSD team on Thursday and seems destined to slowly fall in the standings.

144,838 units
307 members
252 years
avg. 15:14
+1,957 units
+2 members
Avg. 279 units per day

18. Team Lockergnome has the slowest average time in the Top 20, but could still pass SETI@Home Poland in the coming week.

144,426 units
1,310 members
380 years
avg. 23:03
+3,077 units
-1 member
Avg. 439 units per day

19. The third Mac team Team Mac Observer remains at 19 this week and continues to close on Team Lockergnome and SETI@Home Poland. It is expected to reach 17 by the end of May.

141,691 units
603 members
249 years
avg. 15:23
+5,075 units
+7 members
Avg. 725 units per day

20. Team BeOS rounds out the Top 20.

129,020 units
608 members
235 years
avg. 15:57
+3,825 units
+42 members
Avg. 546 units per day

Just below the Top 20 we have:

21. Yahoo SETI Club Team does not appear to be a threat to any team in the Top 20.

114,871 units
288 members
224 years
avg. 17:05
+2,279 units
no new member
Avg. 325 units per day

22. The Amateur Radio Operators team should pass the Yahoo SETI Club, probably in June.

110,643 units
280 members
255 years
avg. 20:11
+3,256 units
-1 member
avg. 465 units per day

23. Quebec seems stuck at 23 until the Matrox Users pass them.

106,795 units
389 members
219 years
avg. 17:58
+2,877 units
+6 members
avg. 411 units per day

24. Matrox Users continued its climb, moving from 27 to 24 this week. They should pass Quebec within the week and both the Yahoo and Amateur Radio teams during May.

104,014 units
427 members
156 years
avg. 13:09
+6,678 units
+2 members
avg. 954 units per day
25. Team AnandTech passed Team Yellow Dwarf, but was passed by Matrox Users to remain at 25. They also seems destined to pass the Yahoo and Amateur Radio teams.
103,898 units
296 members
160 years
avg. 13:31
+3,939 units
+3 members
avg. 562 units per day

This week, nothing below the Top 25 looks to be moving into the Top 20 within the coming weeks.

That's how the top team standings look this week on the SETI@home team page. Come back next Friday for another update. (And if you'd like to join a team, I'd like to see you join Team Mac Observer.) LEM

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