What Is AAUI?

2001: When Apple introduced built-in ethernet, the port Apple standardized on wasn’t the regular “wide-phone-jack” connector used for 10Base-T ethernet on today’s systems. Instead, it was a proprietary new connector called AAUI, a combination port that supported both 10Base-T and the then-popular 10Base-2 Ethernet (a.k.a. Thin Net) – the catch was that you needed to […]

LaserWriter IIg

Although the LaserWriter IIf was a big step forward from the LaserWriter IINTX., the IIg was also a big step forward from the IIf. It was the first LaserWriter with ethernet, and it included two technologies to improve output. FinePrint reduced jaggies on text while PhotoGrade supported over 65 levels of gray in printed output. […]