Sonnet QuadDoubler Accelerators

Michael Roeder reports: I bought my Macintosh Centris 610 way back in 1993. It’s been a reliable and fun replacement for my Mac Plus. Because I have some way cool computers at work, I haven’t had the need to buy a new Mac of my own.

16 MHz MicroMac Performer for Mac SE

Luca Fornari reports: About a year ago, a friend of mine gave me a Mac SE (you know the type: 68000 8 MHz, 2.5 MB RAM). A real snail, almost useless, but it was so cute I decided to keep it and put in 4 MB so I could run some software on it – mostly […]

G3 Daughter Cards for PCI Power Macs and Clones

One of the best things Apple ever did for Power Mac users was design the CPU daughter card introduced with the Power Mac 9500. Apple, Power Computing, and SuperMac all used it in their PCI models running PowerPC 601 and 604 CPUs.

Radius Rocket II in a Mac II

David Emmons reports: A Radius Rocket only works on a Mac with full size NuBus slots, and is running at least System 7 but no system later then 7.1 (I use 7.1.3, which has the scriptable Finder). It is ideal for a Mac II or IIx/cx whose processors are barely usable with todays software (though I […]