I Hate iPhoto/Photos – and iMovie Too

On January 9, 2001, Steve Jobs famously introduced the idea that Apple’s Macintosh personal computers were ideal in the role of ‘digital hub’ – users would use their Mac to access, organize, and edit content created or stored on tools like digital cameras, personal music players, and camcorders.

A Decade of Progress, 1997-2007

2007 – There’s no feeling like putting your foot down on home soil when returning from a trip abroad. I have the impression that this is what I’m doing by returning to Low End Mac on its 10th anniversary.

Bring Back the Cube

2002: My recent articles have focused on the need for Apple to somehow convince consumers that they are playing in the personal entertainment realm as well as the computer business. There are several problems with Apple’s current strategy. For those who haven’t been tuning in regularly, the main one is that a computer, in the […]

Apple’s Digital Hub Disadvantage

2002: As mentioned in my previous article, Apple has been attracting the attention of the mainstream press with its latest iMac. The gushing is much deserved, and hopefully, more people will see Apple in a different light.

The Digital Hub Is Incomplete

2002 – On the face of it, Apple’s digital hub strategy seems to be progressing well. At Macworld San Francisco 2002, I saw how iPhoto nicely complements iMovie’s intuitive design. I got to touch an iPod for the first time – boy, it sure is tiny – and as I reported yesterday, I got to […]

Redefining Apple’s Market

2002: No doubt about it, the new iMac G4 is a machine that people will either love or hate. Apple has again rewritten the rules of how a computer should look and perform. With the release of the new iMac, however, Apple has further blurred the line between the consumer electronics and computer worlds. Apple […]

Meet the Digital Hub

2001: I’ve written several articles about the digital hub, the concept that Steve Jobs and the rest of the computer makers have been chasing as the Holy Grail that will keep an otherwise fading industry alive. One of the main problems with the digital hub vision is the mental barrier that users must overcome to […]

Apple’s Biggest Challenge: Overcoming Stereotypes

2001: Several articles have recently touted the fact that Apple wants to compete directly with Sony in the digital appliance market. This is all well and good. Moving beyond the “computer” market and into new spaces that service Jobs’ “digital lifestyle” is a good idea – a good idea that will face an uphill battle, […]

Down the Digital Lifestyle Road

2001: Enough hay has been made of the recent softening of the PC market to last us until next year. The PC is dead! The vultures fly around the PC market! Consumers abandon PCs in droves! Handhelds are where it’s at! Unfortunately, while Steve Jobs may not always be right, he’s probably pretty close with […]