No High Definition iTunes Video for You

If you thought buying videos through the iTunes Store was the online equivalent of buying them on DVD or Blu-ray, think again. In a completely unexpected development, owners of the October 2008 MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air have discovered that the new Mini DisplayPort includes High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) – and this makes it […]

Still Waiting for iTunes Music Store Canada, Sort Of

2004: As poor cousins, we Canucks are used to waiting a tad longer for some of the wonderful goods introduced south of the border. It’s been some time since the iTunes Music Store made its appearance in the States, and, well, we’re still waiting.

Enjoyed the Music Appetizer? Try the OS Main Course

2003: With hell freezing over and all, I’m hoping that Apple will be able to introduce another cold front in the Windows world. Windows users like their iTunes. They really like their iTunes. Really. Some have even toyed with the possibility of buying a Mac just so their whole computing experience can be as simple […]

The Good, the Bad, the Stupid of

2003: To absolutely no one’s surprise, a music downloading company is taking a run at the iTunes Music Store. When you’re top dog (or the only dog), people come knocking. Needless to say, yesterday’s announcement by to bring music downloading to the Windows masses sparked an interesting round of articles.

Apple and Amazon or Apple vs. Amazon?

2003: Is Apple in for a repeat of the computer revolution? The iTunes Music Store has lit a fire under the seats of a few big names. According to a Macworld UK article, Microsoft, AOL, and Yahoo are looking to get in on the music download act. Amazon, Viacom, and MTV are also mentioned as […]

The Point of No Return?

2003: The iTunes Music Store (in spite of the annoying commercials) has been selling a steady stream of songs since its inception. Breathless accounts of downloads passing the 1 million and then 2 million mark make it clear that Apple has made some good progress in making downloadable music a viable business.*

Mac Users to Be Test Case for Legit Music Downloads

2003: When Napster became the biggest thing going some years ago, the record companies were clearly peeved – peeved enough to sue the company into extinction. Of course, people loved the service. It provided free, easy access to music. Downloads were free, and pretty much every type of music could be found.