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Rodney O. Lain passed from this life in mid-June 2002. He will be missed. I've shared my thoughts in Good-bye, Rodney. Two of his other editors have also published articles about him: Rodney O. Lain passes away during weekend by Bryan Chaffin of The Mac Observer and Rodney O. Lain by Tim Robertson of MyMac.

Low End Mac has done its best to compile articles by Rodney that are no longer available on their original websites. You can read more in The Rodney O. Lain Archive, including most of his MA thesis. This page also contains links to his content still available on other websites.

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Low End Mac was pleased to have Rodney O. Lain as a regular columnist. Rodney lived in Minnesota. He was a regular columnist for The Mac Observer and an IT supervisor in Minnesota. His personal site is

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