Motorola StarMax 6000

The 6000-series was the first and only Mac clone built using a CHRP (Common Hardware Reference Platform) motherboard. It was the only Mac clone with a G3 on the motherboard. It was also the last StarMax model, as Motorola exited the Mac clone business at the end of 1997.

Mac Upgrade Guide

You’ve decided to keep your old Mac and increase its capabilities. It’s users like you that keep the add-on manufacturers in business. Modems and CD-ROMs are usually external and can easily move from one Mac to another, so I won’t be addressing them.

Dream MAChines

1997 – I’ve been using Macs since 1986, when I designed a 54-page booklet on a friend’s newly upgraded Macintosh (upgraded to a Plus with 1 MB RAM!) with Aldus PageMaker 1.0 and a LaserWriter printer. I sold Macs from 1987 to 1991, seeing the introduction of the first expandable Macs (SE and II in 1987), the […]

MaxxBoxx 860

The MaxxBoxx 860 is based on the Nitro motherboard (also used in the Power Mac 8600) and shipped with 180-225 MHz Power PC 604e CPUs. The MaxxBoxx cube-shaped cases have a whopping 10 drive bays. MaxxBoxx clones were only sold in Germany.