Motorola StarMax 6000

The 6000-series was the first and only Mac clone built using a CHRP (Common Hardware Reference Platform) motherboard. It was the only Mac clone with a G3 on the motherboard. It was also the last StarMax model, as Motorola exited the Mac clone business at the end of 1997.

Dream MAChines

1997 – I’ve been using Macs since 1986, when I designed a 54-page booklet on a friend’s newly upgraded Macintosh (upgraded to a Plus with 1 MB RAM!) with Aldus PageMaker 1.0 and a LaserWriter printer. I sold Macs from 1987 to 1991, seeing the introduction of the first expandable Macs (SE and II in 1987), the […]

MaxxBoxx 860

The MaxxBoxx 860 is based on the Nitro motherboard (also used in the Power Mac 8600) and shipped with 180-225 MHz Power PC 604e CPUs. The MaxxBoxx cube-shaped cases have a whopping 10 drive bays. MaxxBoxx clones were only sold in Germany.