Rooting for Microsoft?

2003: Grind you teeth, readers, because I’m going to be asking you to do something you likely haven’t had to do since Microsoft gave Apple a financial hand in 1997. That’s right, it’s time to root for Microsoft.

12″ PowerBook G4 (Late 2003)

After eight months at 867 MHz, Apple speed bumped the little AlBook to 1 GHz and upgraded video with the Nvidia GeForce FX Go5200 graphics processor. The 12″ PowerBook G4 also catches up with the rest of the line by adding DVI support (with a mini-DVI to DVI adapter) while moving to an optional accessory for S-video […]

17″ iMac G4 (Late 2003)

The first iMac to reach 1.25 GHz, the 17″ G4 iMac has a wide aspect ratio “cinema” type screen and displays 1440 x 900 pixels – just perfect for DVDs. Along with the 1.0 GHz 15″ model, it’s the first iMac to support USB 2.0, and it’s also the first to sport GeForce 5200 graphics.