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G4 iBooks are a good option with prices starting below $100 including AirPort Extreme – well under half the cost of a refurbished 13″ MacBook. The biggest drawback to the iBook design is the tedious process involved in disassembling and reassembling it to upgrade the hard drive.

12-inch iBook G4Apple last updated the iBook line in July 2005 and replaced it with the 13.3″ MacBook in May 2006. The final revision iBooks shipped with 512 MB RAM, Radeon 9550 graphics, Bluetooth, scrolling trackpads, and sudden motion sensors as standard features. For our assessment of their value at release see The 2005 iBook G4 Value Equation. For a good overview of the iBook G4 line, see Low End Mac’s Compleat Guide to the iBook G4.

We recommend at least 512 MB of RAM with OS X, and that’s what Apple suggests for Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (which comes installed on most used G4 iBooks) as well. More RAM is better, and all of the G4 iBooks support 1 GB of RAM in addition to the 128, 256, or 512 MB on the motherboard.

14-inch ibook G4Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard is supported on all 867 MHz and faster G4 iBooks with at least 512 MB of RAM and the ability to run the DVD-based installer. We recommend at least 768 MB of RAM for Leopard – and more if you can afford it.

The 12″ 800 MHz iBook G4 is the only G4 iBook officially “unsupported” for 10.5. You cannot run the Leopard installer from the original DVD without a firmware hack. You can install Leopard from a supported Mac, create a hacked install disc, or modify Open Firmware. See our article on Unsupported Leopard Installation for more details.

Used Macs usually have a 90 day warranty. Listings note RAM/hard drive size and whether AirPort Extreme (APX) is included or not. We strongly recommend adding a 256 MB or 512 MB module for better system performance. (For most users, adding 1 GB is probably excessive, but you can best determine your own needs, and prices are pretty reasonable.)

Be sure to factor in possible shipping costs (often included) and sales tax. Your best value depends on whether you need/want, a larger hard drive, more memory, etc.

We factor in ground shipping costs when selecting the best prices. Ground shipping charges vary by distance and carrier – the numbers we use are for shipping to Low End Mac headquarters in Michigan.

Best Prices

  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, $89, Beta Macs
  • 14″ 1.07 GHz Combo, $179, UsedMac
  • 14″ 1.2 GHz Combo, $185, UsedMac
  • 14″ 1.33 GHz Combo, $189, UsedMac
  • 14″ 1.42 GHz SD, $199, UsedMac

Recent RAM Prices

All G4 iBooks are compatible with PC2700 memory and have only one available RAM slot.

Replacement Batteries

Mac OS Prices

Unless otherwise noted, there is no surcharge for credit card purchases. Vendors are listed in alphabetical order. Be sure to visit their sites for full details. iBooks are used unless otherwise noted.

Prices may be limited to quantity on hand. Not responsible for typos. Please email any corrections or additional sources with competitive prices to .

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* Apple never officially offered a 1.07 GHz iBook. However,the “1.0 GHz” iBooks report themselves as 1.07 GHz models. We suspect that Apple rounded the number down to an even 1.0 for marketing purposes. Benchmarks show the performance you would expect from a 1.07 GHz CPU, not 1.0 GHz. We list them on their profile pages using Apple’s nominal 1.0 GHz rating and list them here with their actual 1.07 GHz clock speed.

Beta Macs

Shipping may add $8 or more.

  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 768/40, APX, OS X 10.5, $89

DV Warehouse

Shipping may add $19 or more.

  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 512/40, APX, OS X 10.5, $189
  • 14″ 1.42 GHz Combo, 512/60, APX, OS X 10.4, $279

Midwest Notebooks

Ground shipping may add $20 or more.

  • 12″ 1.07 GHz Combo, 512/30, APX, $214.88
  • 12″ 1.07 GHz Combo, 512/30, APX, new battery, $238.88
  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 512/40, APX, $244.88
  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 512/40, APX, new battery, $279.88
  • other configurations listed

Operator Headgap

Shipping included. Operator Headgap thoroughly refurbishes and tests every Mac they sell. OS X 10.4 installed. When ordering, please let them know you heard about them on Low End Mac when entering your shipping information. Thanks!

  • 12″ 1.07 GHz Combo, 1.5 GB/100, APX, $299.77 shipped
  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 1.5 GB/40, APX, $299.77 shipped – only one in stock!
  • 60W AC adapter, $39.77 shipped
  • hard drives and many other accessories also available


UsedMac is located in Sherman Oaks, CA and collect sales tax on California orders. Shipping can add $27 or more. Fresh OS X 10.4 or 10.5 install. 60 day store warranty.

  • 12″ 1.07 GHz Combo, 512/30, APX, $155
  • 12″ 1.2 GHz Combo, 512/30, APX, $169
  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 512/40, APX, $175
  • 14″ 1.07 GHz Combo, 512/40, APX, $179
  • 14″ 1.2 GHz Combo, 512/40, APX, $185
  • 14″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 512/60, APX, $189
  • 14″ 1.42 GHz SD, 512/60, APX, $199

Wegener Media

AirPort Extreme not included. Shipping may add $13 or more. 60 day warranty.

  • 12″ 1.2 GHz Combo, 768/30, $119.99 (add $24.50 for 1 GB RAM upgrade)
  • 12″ 1.33 GHz Combo, 512/40, $209.99 (add $19.50 for 1 GB RAM upgrade)

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