My First Mac

My First Mac Was Older than Me

- 2008.01.24

My first Mac predates my own existence, but nevertheless was a great Mac.

It was a 1990 Macintosh IIsi set up at my late dad's girlfriend's home.

Macintosh IIsi

It wasn't the fastest machine on the planet, but what it did well was amuse me hours upon hours with games such as SimCity 2000 (which I still have), Gryphon Bricks, and ClarisWorks. That simple machine, owned by my great uncle, became the main desktop later at my own home until an iMac (Summer 2000) took its place.

The journeys that my computers have taken have been astounding. From my dad's iMac came my mom's first computer, an iMac (Summer 2001). To this day she still uses it, and it became my main email computer for years. (And yes, I have been telling her to replace it for many years.)

Blue & White Power Mac G3But I and the Mac spilt for many years; I needed a machine that could do The Sims and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. But even then I ended up going back to the Mac in January 2006, when I acquired a Power Mac G3 (Blue and White) on eBay.

From there I quickly acquired more Macs and plan to add even more to my collection to do more. Since then I have expanded my Mac collection and have disposed of others.

My journey with the Macintosh is a long one, and I plan to continue buying Macs, even if it is one that doesn't quite suit my needs. Personally, I do not think any Mac has ever met my needs, but as Steve Jobs once said, "The desktop is so clean you could lick it" (I don't know if that is the exact quote). LEM

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