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iMac Channel Banner Contest Finalists

March 9, 2000

Thanks to all who sent in entries and to everyone who voted. We had excellent banners from five people: Chris Williams, Joon Park, Henry Tom, Ian Stewart, and Mark Tuleweit. Through your votes, you selected four banners as finalists - they will now be used, one per week, to promote the iMac Channel through the Macinstein Banner Exchange.

Here are the votes as of 08.20 p.m. EST on March 08.

Henry Tom, 557

Chris Williams, 478

Ian Stewart, 349

Mark Tuleweit, 217

Joon Park, 101

Designers of the top four banners will each receive a copy of The Ultimate iMac Book by Don Parks Sydow.

We've already begun using Henry Tom's entry. Each week we will change banners. After four weeks, the banner with the highest click-through ratio will be declared the winner.

The designer of the most clicked banner will receive a Contour UniRiser in addition to The Ultimate iMac Book. The winner will be announced in mid-April. The iMac Channel may also be redesigned at that time to complement the winning design.

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