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Intel Chip Could Put x86 in iPhone, iPhone Unlock via SIM Adapter, B&O Invented iPod Wheel, and More

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Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2008.01.10

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News, Reviews, & Opinion

New Intel Chip Could Put x86 in Future iPhone

ZD Net blogger Russell Shaw says:

"It's the consensus of at least some Mac experts that a new series of mini MacBooks may be introduced at Macworld on January 15.

"This new product line, it is believed, will be facilitated by a new family of already-announced chips called Silverthorne.

"Although Menlow, the first iteration of Silverthorne, will offer a series of processing efficiencies appropriate for these mini MacBooks, the second generation of Silverthorne chips will offer enablements that will facilitate more powerful iPhones."

"The processing-related win-win will be Silverthorne's support of an x86 instruction that when implemented, supports a whole slew of PC-related applications."

SIM Adapter Forces iPhone to Skip SIM Lock Verification

Cellular News reports:

"A Chinese company says that it has developed a novel form of enabling the Apple iPhone to work with unauthorised network operators. Unlike most solutions which remove the lock from the handset software, this is a SIM card adaptor which then evades the handset SIM verification process.

X-SIM II"By leaving the SIM lock intact, any issues which have been reported with iPhone software upgrades or warranty claims would presumably be avoided.

"The X-SIM II, aka Turbo SIM, is designed to skip the SIM card identification process that is necessary with most other iPhone unlocking software."

Bang & Olufsen Invented iPod Wheel Navigation

In an interview with the Times' Andrew Davidson, Bang & Olufsen's CEO Torben Sorensen noted:

"'Did you know that the wheel navigation system used by Apple iPods was invented by B&O in 1994? We just didn't patent it. We were too complacent - it's our biggest contribution to Apple. Hahaha.'

The Beocom 6000 phone with its navigation wheel
The Beocom 6000 phone with its navigation wheel.

"Likewise its Beoplayer music-filing software preceded Apple's iTunes, but was never developed to mass-market potential. Others might be weeping at this point, but Sorensen simply shrugs and says B&O's quality distinguishes it from imitators."

Editor's note: The navigation wheel first appeared in the Beocom 6000 cordless phone in 1998. dk

iPhone/iPod Add-ons

X-SIM II Compatible with iPhone's SIM Card, Allows Users to Bypass Lock and Use Different Providers

PR: X-SIM II, a new product from, works with Apple iPhone's existing SIM card to bypass the phone's lock, allowing users flexibility in choosing service providers.

X-SIM IIX-SIM II, a flexible film adapter SIM card now available from, makes it easier and more affordable than ever to "unlock" an Apple iPhone.

Unlocking an iPhone is nothing new. What is new is that the solution is no longer expensive and the phone can still be upgraded from Apple's server after being unlocked. X-SIM II allows individuals to use the Apple iPhone with different providers by bypassing the lock to work with the phone's existing SIM card. This solution for iPhone users is available for $45.21.

All iPhones are locked before they are sent to their authorized operator, and users must accept the operator selling the iPhone as well as the operator's airtime package. Now, with the introduction of X-SIM II, people from different countries can successfully "unlock" their Apple iPhones with no risk.

The X-SIM II, aka Turbo SIM, is designed to skip the SIM card identification process that is necessary with most other iPhone unlocking software. With other iPhone unlockers, the working secret is that there is operator identification in the iPhone. When a user inserts a SIM card, the iPhone identifies whether or not the SIM card is from its authorized operator. If so, the iPhone will open; if not, the phone does not open. This identification step is eliminated with the X-SIM II.

An X-SIM II user needs to combine his or her own SIM card with the X-SIM II and then insert them into the iPhone's SIM card slot. The iPhone can then connect in any operator's network, meaning that the iPhone is never officially unlocked, but rather, the user bypasses the identifying step to opening the phone. This makes it possible for the phone to be upgraded with any firmware from Apple, as well as keep the warranty from the operator.

iSIM for iPhone: One-click Contact Transfer

PR: One-click backup of your contacts to your iPhone's SIM card. Easy transfer of your existing phone numbers into your new iPhone. This SIM phonebook allows you to directly make calls from numbers on the SIM card. And it lets you move them back and forth between iPhone and SIM card.

Ever wondered how you can get your phone numbers from your old cellphone directly onto your brand new iPhone? You can't. Unless you use iSIM for iPhone. This software allows you to easily move all your contacts to your iPhone without having to use Outlook or the Mac Address Book. Just pop-in your old SIM card and click 'All to Phone'. A minute later, you can take out your old card, slide in the new one, and you're ready to go, all numbers are stored in the iPhone's contact list. Also ideal for people who have bought unlocked phones, because you can use your existing SIM card and make calls from the phonebook.

To get the software, start Installer on your iPhone, press Sources, then Edit, then Add. Next, type:

Free features include:

  • Import of phone numbers to Contacts
  • Export of phone numbers to SIM card
  • Make calls from SIM Card.

Premium features:

  • One-click backup of contacts to any SIM
  • One-click import of contacts from any SIM

This software is $12.95 / EUR 9.95 ex. tax

NewerTech iPhone Speaker Dock & Handsfree Mic

NewerTech iPhone Speaker DockPR: Now you can use your iPhone to make conference calls as well as listen to amplified music and audio soundtrack playback. This unique accessory displays and controls your iPhone with the latest iPod touch operation and even charges your iPhone while docked.

The NewerTech iPhone Speaker Dock & Handsfree Mic delivers more functionality from your iPhone. Now you can use your iPhone to make conference calls as well as listen to amplified music and audio soundtrack playback. This unique accessory displays and controls your iPhone with the latest iPod touch operation and even charges your iPhone while docked.


  • Convenient dock for using iPhone for conference calls as well as amplified music and audio soundtrack playback.
  • Display and controls iPhone with the latest iPod touch operation and play functions.
  • Charges iPhone while docked.
  • Product Specifications:
  • Dimensions: speaker dock: 7.8" W x 4.7" H, microphone: 9.8" H
  • Speaker power output: 2 watt x 2
  • Weight: 1.08 pounds
  • Color of base: White
  • Color of mic: Black


ETA January 28 2008

Fone2Phone Moves Data from Mobile Phone to Your Mac, Letting You Sync It with Your iPhone or iPod

PR: nova media announces the release of Fone2Phone for Mac OS X at Macworld Expo 2008. Fone2Phone is a sleek utility for Macintosh users that will copy data from an ordinary cell phone to the Macintosh computer in one streamlined operation, making iPhone and iPod migration much simpler.

Jan Fuellemann, PR spokesperson for nova media, said, "This little jewel takes care of the complete communication process, from connecting the cell phone to saving the files in the appropriate locations on the Mac."

Fone2Phone offers a simple wizard interface for copying contacts, events, tasks, notes, bookmarks, photos, music, and movies from the old cell phone to the Mac. It is so seamlessly integrated with Macintosh desktop applications, user interaction is only required to select the cell phone and which data to copy.

After Fone2Phone has finished the copying process, iTunes can be used as usual to determine which data should be transferred to the iPhone or iPod during the next sync operation.

System requirements: Fone2Phone requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 (10.5.2 or higher for Leopard) and a compatible cell phone.

Fone2Phone has an introductory price of Euro 12,52 plus VAT (approximately $19 US) until Jan. 31. After that, FoneLink will cost Euro 16,72 plus VAT (approximately $25 US). A demo version will be available for download on Jan. 14 at nova media's website.

The iPod Book: Doing Cool Stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Store, 4th Edition

PR: There is no denying it: With the introduction of the iPod and iTunes, Apple changed the face of music. While the iPod and iTunes are user-friendly, figuring them out for the first time can be tricky. Plus, they can do way more than meets the eye. In this fully updated bestseller, award-winning author, Scott Kelby, delivers what users need to know to get up to speed fast on Apple's popular iPod digital audio players and iTunes software.

The iPod Book: Doing Cool Stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Store, 4th EditionThrough full-color illustrations and simple step-by-step instructions, readers will learn all about: the brand new iPod touch, equipped with a multitouch interface, 3.5-inch widescreen display, and WiFi Web browsing; the iPod shuffle, sporting a new belt clip and new colors; the iPod nano, featuring a new glamorous square shape, video, an enhanced interface, larger and brighter display, and new colors; the iPod classic which now incorporates iTunes cover flow, enhanced interface, and a sleeker design; and the new iTunes WiFi Music Store, which now lets iPod users browse the iTunes Store and purchase music over a wireless connection straight onto their Apple mobile device.

Scott also provides the basics of how to share music between Macs and PCs; sync iTunes-created playlists as well as iPod-created voice notes; burn large playlists to CDs; download and watch videos; and more. Best of all, Scott has peppered the guide with tons of time saving tips and tricks that typically can only be gleaned through hard-won experience.

iPod Book, The: Doing Cool Stuff with the iPod and the iTunes Store, 4th Edition
By Scott Kelby
Peachpit Press.
List Price: $19.99
Your Price: $17.99

Ships for free!

Whoomp! Up Your iPod Experience

PR: Super-soft foam tip earphones and accessories stay in the ear & improve sound quality

Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers convert ordinary iPod/iPhone earbuds into a high-end stereo experience. It is the latest product by Minnesota-based Hearing Components with patented Comply foam technology. "I can finally use my iPod earbuds while exercising!" said Sarah Ryder, a senior communications student at the University of Minnesota. "Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers are so soft. They keep my earbuds from falling out, and they block outside noise," she said, adding that the new product started a buzz in the dorms before finals.

The fit and sound quality is a common problem. In a recent Facebook survey of iPod users, two-thirds of respondents said they either don't use the earbuds that came with their iPod or don't like them because of the fit, comfort or sound quality.

"Our foam tips provide a unique experience because they mold to your ear and change shape as your ear canal changes shape, said Robert Oliveira, Ph.D., the biochemist who invented the Comply foam products, along with Marty Babcock, lead engineer. "Therefore, they continue to fit snugly, block unwanted noise, and deliver pure music into the ear canal - even while you move about," Oliveira added.

Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers and Comply foam tips are made from patented, high-tech, viscoelastic polyurethane foam, which allows the ear piece to rest in the ear canal, not over the ear. This passive noise reduction technology sends the pure music to the smaller space of the ear canal -- without leaking bass and while sealing out unwanted noise. The foam tips are 30 times softer than the silicone used on ordinary, factory-supplied earbuds.

About Hearing Components

Whoomp! Earbud Enhancers and Comply foam devices are manufactured and sold by Hearing Components, a 3M spin-off founded in 1990 by Oliveira.

The technology was developed through several grants by the National Institutes of Health to improve and protect hearing.

Belkin TuneStudio Integrates iPod with Full-featured, 4-channel Mixer

The Belkin TuneStudio for iPod is now available for purchase. TuneStudio lets you create high-quality digital recordings directly onto your iPod. This mixer allows the input of up to four different instruments or audio sources, and records the audio onto your iPod for instant playback.

Belkin TuneStudioBands can easily attach instruments and microphones to TuneStudio and record jam sessions directly onto an iPod. Podcasters can also use this device to record their shows either in a studio or on location.

Now Available in the US with launches in Asia, Europe, and Australia to follow.

TuneStudio for iPod (F9Z824) - $399.99

  • Acts as an external USB sound card, allowing the input of audio from a PC source as well as output to a PC from any of its connector inputs
  • Compact, portable, and tough enough to withstand life in a rehearsal room or in a garage
  • Records directly to iPod in 16-bit, 44 kHz quality
  • Streams audio through built-in USB interface to and from a PC or Mac computer
  • Each channel is equipped with 3-band EQ, pan and level controls
  • Phantom-power-enabled XLR inputs provide up to 60 dB of microphone gain
  • High-quality stereo compressor with makeup gain enhances audio dynamics and keeps audio levels within recording limits of the iPod
  • Features one-knob compression control
  • LEDs indicate master audio level, power status, peak indication, compressor activity, and recording status
  • This accessory is compatible with the following iPods:
    • iPod classic
    • iPod nano 3rd generation
    • iPod 5th generation (video)
    • iPod nano 2nd generation

USBFever iPod/iPhone/PDA Bike Mount Holder

USBFever Bike MountPR: Wanna to have music with your bike? How you could do that? A possible way is to have an armband, but this way will make your music (screen) device not visible and turn your device to a pure music device (e.g. if it has GPS, you may be not able to view it in the front).

Here is a way that may help.

It is designed to mount on the handle of a bike, it is tunable to locate a perfect angle to your while your are cycling.

Its adjustable arms let you to hold from 40mm wide(approx) to 75mm (approx) wide devices, suitable to most of MP3, MP4, iPod, iPhone, PDA, GPS & mobile phones. (Cell phone, handset, handphone...)

USBFever Bike MountFeatures:

  • 360 degree adjustable to fix your application.
  • Adjustable arm to hold different device
  • Quake-proof designed, to hold your device tightly while cycling
  • Convenient and reliable to use
  • Handle rest

Cautions: it is not suggested to cycling with your earphones, you may use a earphone / or the device's internal speaker if you would like to listen to music while riding a bicycle


Waterproof Speaker System for iPod nano

PR: Atlantic Inc., a leading manufacturer and distributor of media storage products, today announced its latest addition to its EGO iPod accessory line - the iceBar2 Speaker System for iPod nano - a waterproof and shatterproof case that protects the iPod from water, dust and scratches, while allowing the user to share music, photos and videos stored on their iPod. A successor to the CES 2008 Innovations award-winning iceBar, the iceBar2 accommodates all three iPod nano generations.

iceBar2The iceBar2 is a lightweight, pocket-sized sound system that allows consumers to take their iPod nano in the shower, rain, snow, on a hike, to a pool party, or just about anywhere. Constructed of a clear, bullet proof polycarbonate material, with corner bumper guards and a shock absorbing iPod compartment, the iceBar2 provides a safe solution for consumers to share their music, TV shows, movies and video podcasts while protecting their nano from harsh elements.

Outfitted with a silicone O-ring inside for a tight seal, waterproof neodymium speakers and clickwheel membrane, the iceBar2 provides users with the assurance that their iPod nano will remain dry and secure while used in a wet environment.

iceBar2"With the new all-season iceBar2, iPod nano owners can enjoy their favorite music in practically any setting," said James Dardashti, chief operating officer of Atlantic Inc. "Despite all the recent introductions from Apple, iPod nanos are still the most popular MP3 players on the market with millions of users who want to have a protective case to share their music with friends."

Research firm iSuppli forecasts that total iPod nano shipments will reach about 23 million units in 2007 and 27.9 million during 2008.

Compatible with all three iPod nano generations, the iceBar2 is powered by four AAA batteries, providing users with over 16 hours of playtime at medium to high volume. An external power button allows users to instantly turn the case on or off and users can listen privately by inserting earphones into the jack port on top to switch sound from the speakers to earphones.

Equipped with a flip-out stand, the iceBar2 can be conveniently stationed on a desk or countertop for listening at work or at home. At just over half a pound, the iceBar2 includes a removable nylon wrist strap for added security while toting the case.

The iceBar2 retails for $69 and will be available for purchase April 2008.

Kensington LiquidAUX Auxiliary Car Kits with Remote

PR: Each product uses an auxiliary port connection to get the clearest and highest-quality audio signal from an iPhone, iPod or music phone through the car stereo, while avoiding a mess of cords and wires. Also included is a remote control that attaches to the car's steering wheel to let drivers keep their eyes on the road, while still maintaining control over what they're listening to. "With LiquidAUX, music fans now enjoy crystal clear stereo audio with the added safety of a remote for playback controls on their iPhone or iPod. They can even enjoy handsfree calling from their music phone," said Kevin Ngo, Global Product Manager at Kensington.

Key features of the line include:

  • Auxiliary (AUX) Port Connection - simply play tunes from your iPhone, iPod or music phone by connecting directly to the car stereo for clear, crisp fidelity.
  • Remote Control - spend more time looking at the road and less time fumbling with your iPhone, iPod or phone by using the wireless remote that lets you change tracks, pause/play your music and even answer your phone calls.
  • Car Charger - charge your iPhone, iPod or music phone while listening to your tunes.
  • Less Clutter - no more messy cords. The products are designed specifically for vehicles with auxiliary ports in the center console or in-dash.

"We design all of our products to deliver a Smart Made Simple user experience," said Ngo. "In the car environment, this means keeping your eyes on the road. Not only do our products deliver pure audio from an iPhone or iPod through the car stereo, but we also give consumers the ability to have full playback control of their tunes, all at their fingertips. And music phone owners gain this same experience with the addition of handsfree talking at the touch of a button. Imagine never having to take your phone out of your pocket or purse!"

LiquidAUX continues Kensington's tradition of delivering the highest-quality solutions for enjoying iPhone/iPod music in the car. "Whether you own an iPhone, iPod or car with an auxiliary port - we're constantly innovating to let you get the most out of the latest technology" adds Ngo.

The LiquidAUX Collection from Kensington Includes:

  • Kensington LiquidAUX for iPhone and iPod (K33429US): Get superior sound quality from a simple auxiliary port connection and charge your iPhone or iPod at the same time. The wireless remote ensures that your hands never have to leave the steering wheel. A smart audio sensor turns off the device to conserve car battery power. Designed for vehicles with auxiliary ports in the center console. Suggested retail price: $79.99.
  • Kensington LiquidAUX Deluxe for iPhone and iPod (K33430US): Control your music with the wireless remote and give your iPhone or iPod a home in the car with our adjustable cradle. A flexible arm allows you to maneuver it to your hearts desire while an auxiliary port connection ensures pure sound quality from your iPod. Designed specifically for vehicles with in-dash auxiliary ports. Suggested retail price: $99.99.
  • Kensington LiquidAUX Bluetooth Car Kit (K33428US): Enjoy handsfree calling and crystal-clear music' from your music phone through your car's stereo. Bluetooth 2.0 technology with enhanced data rate, a built-in microphone with noise and echo-canceling technology makes for clear conversations on the road. Simply press the phone icon on the remote to automatically mute your music and take a call over your car's stereo. Or, use your phone's supported voice activation to make calls without ever accessing it directly. A USB charging port ensures that your phone stays charged. This is the ideal alternative to installing Bluetooth in your car. Suggested retail price: $99.99.
    'A2DP protocol required for wireless music streaming
  • Kensington Car Charger Deluxe for iPhone and iPod (K33433US): The adjustable dock adapts to securely fit an iPod or iPhone with or without a case, while a flexible arm adjusts to ensure the optimal position. Put your iPhone in speaker mode and now you've got a handsfree cradle. Charges iPod models with dock connector" and iPhone. Suggested retail price: $49.99
    "Exluding 3rd Generation iPod
  • Kensington Bluetooth Stereo Headphones with Microphone (K33436US): A comfortable behind-the-head design offers a stylish way to listen to music or conversations, while Bluetooth technology provides the freedom of wireless compatibility with music phones or notebooks. Easy-to-access buttons on the headphones control audio playback and volume while also allowing users to answer calls with the push of a button. Skype compatible. Suggested retail price: $79.99.

The new Kensington Play it line is available for pre-order at and and will be available at other major retailers in March 2008.

Listen to the Music from Your iPhone or iPod in the Car with the Belkin TuneBase and TuneCast

PR: You can now listen to the music from your iPhone in the car with Belkin's new TuneBase FM for iPhone and iPod and TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod. Featuring ClearScan technology, with one push of a button both FM transmitters will automatically seek out the best FM frequency to play the music from your iPhone or iPod.

TuneBase FM also conveniently mounts and powers your iPhone or iPod in the car. A majority of MP3 owners listen to their MP3 players in the car (Belkin market research).

TuneBase FM for iPhone and iPod: April 2008 in all global regions

TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod: February 2008 in all global regions

On Display At:

  • 2008 International CES, January 7 - 10, 2008, in Las Vegas at Booth #30368 South Hall
  • Macworld Conference & Expo 2008, January 15-18, 2008, in San Francisco at Booth #911

TuneBase FM for iPhone and iPod (F8Z183) - $99.99

  • Features ClearScan technology
  • Includes line-out for use with car-stereo inputs or cassette adapter
  • Pro setting optimizes audio and boosts volume
  • Transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1 MHz - 107.9 MHz
  • Multiple cradles fit any docking iPod
  • Flexible neck offers convenient, easy repositioning of your iPod

TuneCast Auto for iPhone and iPod (F8Z182) - $79.99

  • Features ClearScan technology
  • Includes line-out for use with car-stereo inputs or cassette adapter
  • Pro setting optimizes audio and boosts volume
  • Transmits audio wirelessly on multiple FM channels from 88.1 MHz - 107.9 MHz
  • Attached auto power cord powers and charges your iPhone or iPod in the car
  • Flexible design lets passengers control playlists

This accessory is compatible with the following iPod models:

  • iPhone
  • iPod touch
  • iPod nano 3rd generation (video)
  • iPod classic
  • iPod nano 2nd generation (aluminum)
  • iPod 5th generation (video)
  • iPod nano 1st generation
  • iPod 4th generation (color display)
  • iPod 4th generation
  • iPod mini 1st generation

JBL Launches Time Machine and iPodDock for Enthusiasts

PR: JBL, Inc., designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high-fidelity loudspeakers for home and car, and of multimedia speaker systems for MP3 players and computers, has announced the debut of its JBL On Time 200ID compact, high-performance, time-machine iPod dock. Connected to an iPod, MP3 player or other music source, the JBL On Time 200ID system provides exceptionally clean and powerful sound. The system, which includes a digital clock, alarm and radio, features an intuitive, menu-driven user interface, making it simple to operate.

JBL On Time 200IDThe JBL On Time 200ID loudspeaker dock revolutionizes timekeeping for the iPod. A music lover can now wake up to a favorite song stored on an iPod - no more buzzer or bad radio reception. The easy-to-use interface is part of an attractive display that includes a large backlit LCD, making menu navigation a snap. An automatic dimming option provides the correct brightness level in any environment, and also charges the iPod.

"The integration of devices to deliver a superior experience is what the new JBL On Time 400ID system is all about," said Christopher M. Dragon, director of brand marketing for the Harman Consumer Group Mobile, Portable and Companion Products Division. "There are many clock radios with iPod docking capability, but none with legendary JBL audio quality."

The JBL On Time 200ID system's backup-battery feature enables it to retain its time and alarm functions, as well as all other user-programmed memory settings, during a power outage. Its Phoenix and Ridge transducers are driven by powerful neodymium magnets with two by six watts per channel and a six-watt tweeter. The combination of the two Phoenix full-range transducers and one Ridge tweeter means the system has a full, rich frequency response with astonishing bass and clear, accurate sound from any direction.

"The iPod economy is stronger than ever, with customers wanting their music from the moment they wake up to when they're driving the car to when they're exercising at the gym," said Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of Worldwide Developer Relations. "The JBL On Time 200ID system is a great way to integrate an alarm clock and iPod, allowing music lovers to choose the music that wakes them up."

The JBL On Time 200ID system is compatible with all docking versions of the iPod, including the iPod touch, nano and G3 iPod classic. A stereo mini jack connection also enables high-quality audio from a variety of other devices, including the iPod shuffle, MP3 and CD players, desktop computers (all platforms), satellite radio and laptops. The JBL On Time 200ID system has a suggested retail price of $199.95; it will be available in winter 2008 online at , and at quality retailers nationwide.

Loudspeaker Accessories for iPhone and iPod from JBL

JBL, Inc., designer, manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of high-fidelity loudspeakers for home and car, and of multimedia speaker systems for MP3 players and computers, is excited to introduce the JBL On Stage* IIIP high-performance loudspeaker docking station - perfect for use with the new iPhone. The JBL On Stage IIIP system has the same exceptional style, outstanding functionality and clean, powerful sound of previous JBL On Stage systems, but adds iPhone compatibility. It comes equipped with an IR remote for iPod track selection, menu navigation and volume control; it also includes a mini stereo jack for use with non-iPhone/-iPod devices. And with the option of AC power or battery operation, the JBL On Stage IIIP docking station can be used at home or on the go.

Incorporating the Apple iPod Universal Dock adapter, the JBL On Stage IIIP system is compatible with all docking iPod models and the iPhone. And the JBL On Stage IIIP system's OnePoint design lets the user charge a docked iPod or iPhone, and enables connectivity with a USB 2.0 cable for synchronizing an iPod or iPhone with a Mac or PC.

Although the JBL On Stage IIIP system takes up a minimum of space, weighing in at only one pound, and measuring only 6 inches by 1-3/4 inches, it features superior acoustic performance, design and functionality. The JBL On Stage IIIP system incorporates four integrated 6-watts-per-channel Odyssey transducers for clear, flawless sound and deep bass. And interchangeable trim rings are available for color customization.

"Stylish, high-performance JBL docking stations were right there when Apple introduced the first iPod models," said Christopher M. Dragon, director of brand marketing for Harman Mobile, Portable and Companion Products, "and it is only appropriate for us to deliver a docking product for the iPhone that delivers our legendary performance to a new generation of consumers."

The JBL On Stage IIIP system has a suggested retail price of $169.95, it will be available in February 2008 online at and at quality retailers nationwide.

JBL Duet 200 One-Piece Stereo Loudspeaker System Perfect for Computer and iPhone

JBL, Inc. announces the introduction of its JBL Duet 200 single-enclosure loudspeaker system. The latest addition to the JBL line of high-performance stereo sound systems, the JBL Duet 200 system produces clean and powerful sound, and comes with a built-in mini stereo jack that makes connection to any computer, iPod, iPhone, MP3 or other digital music player an effortless process.

Its single-enclosure design, with no extra wires to clutter your desk or table, makes it a perfect match for home computers. And because it's compact and easy to use, the JBL Duet 200 system is perfect to take with you when you're on the go.

Featuring 20 watts of total power, the JBL Duet 200 system comes loaded with the latest Phoenix transducers for enhanced bass performance. The compressed digital amplification coupled with digital-signal-processing (DSP) equalization efficiently provides the JBL Duet 200 system with the power to please. The JBL Slipstream port design reduces "unwanted noise" while maintaining performance benefits. Additionally, the JBL Duet 200 system equalization provides a rich, complete soundstage over a wide range of listening positions.

"There is no better companion for your computer than the JBL Duet 200 system. Its single-enclosure design is easy to connect, takes up less space and delivers great bass," said Christopher M. Dragon, director of brand marketing for Harman Consumer Group's Mobile Portable and Companion Products Division.

The JBL Duet 200 system has a suggested retail price of $119.95 and will be available at major retailers starting in March 2008.

iMainGo 2 Ultra-Portable Stereo and Protective Case for iPhone and iPod

Portable Sound Laboratories, Inc, a leading innovator of portable speaker systems, today unveiled the iMainGo 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. A reengineered upgrade to their popular first product, iMainGo, the iMainGo 2 was designed to offer high-end sound quality and amazing light weight (only 9 oz.) portability to customers who use the Apple iPhone, any Apple iPod, the new Microsoft Zune, and most other MP3 players.

The iMainGo 2 has been created to provide even greater sound performance due to its' upgraded high quality, premium titanium speakers; giving the iMainGo 2 a sound quality usually found in systems many times its' size and price. iMainGo 2 also features a new iPod/ MP3 custom fit technology (iMainGo Foam) which was created to provide a contour fit for an MP3 player inside the unit's easily accessible MP3 control cradle. The new iMainGo 2 also received a face lift with a brighter and bolder retail package. With all of the improvements, the iMainGo2 is an amazing value, maintaining the original iMainGo's MSRP of only $39.99 (USD).

"Our goal with iMainGo was to create a new standard in ultra-portable stereo products providing users with the best in sound quality, design and function, all at a very affordable price" said Tim Jacobus, President of Portable Sound Laboratories, Inc. "With iMainGo 2 we are raising the sound quality standard even higher while making the great iMainGo sound available to iPhone, Zune and other MP3 users that have been clamoring for a quality ultra-portable stereo unit like iMainGo".

iMainGo has been highly acclaimed as "the best iPod accessory" to hit the market by leading tech gurus. Ed Baig and Jefferson Graham, of Talking Tech at USA Today were "amazed at how good a unit that costs less than $40 could sound". iMainGo has received a perfect 5-star review by Macworld as well as been featured on CNN, CNET, MTV, VH1, People Magazine, Entertainment Tonight, The Tonight Show, etc. Recently, the very popular Rachael Ray Show called the iMainGo "just possibly the greatest thing ever" to be reviewed on their show.

iMainGo is available in retail stores nationwide and online. iMainGo 2 will be available soon in the same retail stores and online.

Protect Your iPhone or iPod with New Stylish Belkin Cases for iPod and iPhone

New Belkin cases for the iPhone and iPod protect your iPhone or iPod in style. Designed to fit any lifestyle, these cases can be used in a variety of environments, from the gym to the office.

March 2008 in the US with launches in Europe, Asia and Australia to follow at a later time

On Display At:

  • 2008 International CES, January 7 - 10, 2008, in Las Vegas at Booth #30368 South Hall
  • Macworld Conference & Expo 2008, January 15-18, 2008, in San Francisco at Booth #911

Travel Case for iPod nano (F8Z244) - $29.99

  • Sleek and pocketable with a bifold design
  • Screen and clickwheel protection
  • Allows full accessibility to the screen and navigation
  • Holds your earbuds with cable management feature
  • Stores your cash and credit cards

Slim Fit with Carabiner for iPod nano (F8Z236) - $19.99

  • Sleek, pocketable, and made of neoprene
  • Screen and clickwheel protection
  • Allows full access to the screen and navigation
  • Includes carabiner clip to secure to belt loop or in bag
  • Hand-washable

Sport Armband for iPod nano (F8Z254-KG) - $19.99; iPod classic (F8Z255-KG) and iPod touch (F8Z249-KG) - $19.99

  • Armband's adjustable dual-fit fastening system accommodates different sized arms
  • Includes pocket for key storage
  • Clear screen protector allows easy navigation
  • Reflective material for use during nighttime
  • Hand-washable

Formed Leather with Removable Belt Clip for iPod nano (F8Z246) - $24.99; iPod classic (F8Z245), iPod touch (F8Z247), and iPhone (F8Z271) - $29.99

  • Premium formed leather construction
  • Features screen protection and removable stainless steel belt clip
  • Allows full accessibility to the screen and navigation

Remix Flip for iPod nano (F8Z260), iPod classic (F8Z259), and iPod touch (F8Z261) - $29.99

  • True-sense click wheel provides full protection and functionality
  • Protects iPod with durable, clear-acrylic construction
  • Durable rubber molding back with acrylic faceplate

Micro Grip Case iPod nano (F8Z239), iPod classic (F8Z256), iPod touch (F8Z257), and iPhone (F8Z258) - $24.99

  • Durable molded rubber construction
  • Reflective lining material
  • Screen and clickwheel protection
  • Allows full accessibility to the screen and navigation
  • Hand-washable

Sport Armband Plus with FastFit System for iPod nano (F8Z241-MBL), iPod classic (F8Z242-MBL), iPod touch and iPhone (F8Z243-MBL) - $29.99 (Available May 2008)

  • Features FastFit, an adjustable one-handed clamp-fastening system
  • Holster detaches from armband to clip onto clothing or bag
  • Clear screen protector allows for easy navigation
  • Water wicking material
  • Reflective highlights for use during nighttime
  • Hand Washable/Hang dry
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Cable capsule manages earphones in flexible rubber dome

You can view and purchase them at as well as through a network of major distributors, resellers, and superstores.

New iPod/iPhone Accessories Coming Soon from Proporta

PR: A Happy New Year to you and what better way to kick it off than with some brand new accessories from Proporta.

Splash Proof Sports KitSoon to be arriving at Proporta Towers is the newly designed Splash Proof Sports Kit (3G iPod nano), allowing worry-free listening whilst on the move and containing all you need to stay active, including the Proporta Dual Skin Silicone Case, a protective clear screen, adjustable armband, lanyard, splash proof base and an optional belt clip.

Proporta's brand new Dual Skin Silicone Cases are also available for the iPod classic (80 GB), iPod classic (160 GB), iPod touch, iPod nano, and the iPhone. Precision moulded from impact absorbent Silicone, these funky cases (available in a variety of colours and mixes) provide not one, but two funky layers giving your device added colour, style and individuality.

Splash Proof Sports KitAlso set for arrival is Proporta's Mobile Survival Kit - Micro, the younger sibling of the award winning MobileCharger. Packing an impressive 1700mAh of power, the Mobile Survival Kit Micro can be charged from any convenient USB port and in turn can power your device up to 2.5 times longer. Physically smaller in size than its older brother, it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, comes in a stylish black and uses LED's to indicate the amount of charge left on your device.

All of these products are due to arrive in the next few weeks so keep an eye on those links for images and further info - we're confident that you'll be impressed.

P.S. Make the best use of your iPod and your Splash Proof Sports Kit with Proporta's Coloured Stereo Headphones. The perfect accessory to brighten any MP3's life.

NewerTech Announces iPhone Accessory Line

PR: Six unique products add iPhone functionality & user convenience to be introduced at Macworld 2008

Newer Technology, Inc. has announced its new NewerTech iPhone Accessory Line consisting of six products that add iPhone functionality and user convenience. The NewerTech iPhone Accessory Line will be debuted at Macworld, held January 15-18, 2008 in San Francisco.

The NewerTech iPhone Accessory Line includes:

  • NewerTech iPhone Speaker Dock & Handsfree Mic - speaker phone.
  • NewerTech Handsfree Mic & Earbud - handsfree communication while driving.
  • NewerTech iPhone Mic Extender Cable - mic extender for handsfree use.
  • NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds - noise reduction and sound quality enhancer.
  • NewerTech iPhone Headphone Jack Adapter - links to headphone connectors.
  • NewerTech iPhone and iPod Auto Charger - charges an iPhone or iPod while driving.

The NewerTech iPhone Speaker Dock & Handsfree Mic features twin 2-watt speakers and a freestanding microphone, delivering extra speaker volume and a more powerful microphone for improved iPhone speakerphone voice quality and music playback. Additionally, while an iPhone is docked, the NewerTech iPhone Speaker Dock & Mic charges and controls it with built-in volume and call start/end touch buttons. The NewerTech iPhone Speaker Dock & Mic retails for $34.99 with availability beginning January 28, 2008.

The NewerTech Handsfree Mic & Earbud offers handsfree iPhone communication while driving, walking or relaxing. It eliminates awkward/painful neck bending to keep the ear to the iPhone while using hands for another task. A shirt clamp securely attaches the black 39" long cable to prevent unsightly and dangerous cord dangle. The NewerTech Handsfree Mic & Earbud retails for $19.99 and is available immediately.

iPhone owners that also own high quality headphones with the standard 3.5mm connector can use the NewerTech iPhone Mic Extender Cable to plug into the iPhone's recessed jack for handsfree talk. An On/Off switch provides music pause, call answer/end, and music resume operation. The black, 27.6" NewerTech iPhone Mic Extender cable retails for $14.99 and is available immediately.

The NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds utilize insert-passive noise reduction engineering to reduce noise an average of 42dB while boosting audio soundtracks up to 10dB at higher frequencies. As a result, they deliver comfortable bass response and volume levels with less energy while keeping out unwanted and distracting ambient background noise. The NewerTech Bass Response Earbuds have a frequency response of 10-20,000 Hz, sensitivity of 105dB (+/- 3dB), and are available immediately at $19.99.

Custom engineered for the iPhone, the NewerTech iPhone Headphone Jack Adapter solves the incompatibility issue between 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone connectors and the iPhone's recessed headphone jack. This handy adapter fits correctly and snugly into the iPhone so existing headphones can be utilized without any modification or loss of sound. The NewerTech iPhone Headphone Jack Adapter comes in black, is .04" long, and retails for $7.99, available immediately.

The NewerTech iPhone and iPod Auto Charger is compatible with any car's standard 12V power/accessory outlet and charges an iPhone or iPod while driving. It works in both domestic and foreign vehicles, comes with a 43" long black cable for iPhone or iPod use while charging, retails for $12.99, and is available immediately.

TBI and Norvinz to Debut the High-End Solution to iPods at T.H.E. Show

PR: For years, the high-end audio industry has struggled to extend its market appeal to young iPod music lovers. But the rising cost of entry into high-end has deterred potential buyers from this market segment to even consider it. Now there is a solution!

TBI and Norvinz will debut at T.H.E. Show during CES a true high-end system at a retail cost of $995. This system consists of a TBI Millenia MG3 Class D integrated amplifier and a pair of TBI Majestic Diamond 1R speakers. This system is capable to producing true hi-fidelity music using portable sources (e.g., iPods) or traditional digital and analog sources (e.g., CD players and turntables).

Housed in a rugged, attractive, and shielded aluminum enclosure, the Millenia MG3 Class D integrated amp features a new Burr Brown op amp with a 250V/us slew rate buffering signals in the input stage to provide the proper impedance for the proprietary Gen 3 digital amplifier using a refined DPDM conversion topology. The result is an immediate and undistorted output signal, capable of interfacing optimally with the speaker crossover network and voice coils and producing a sound performance true to the recorded musical event.

The user may choose between DC and AC power options. Using 8 AA batteries, the Millenia produces 8 watts of power/channel at less than 1% distortion and 10W at 10%. When using the AC power supply, it delivers 32 watts/channel at 1% distortion and 40 W at 10%. Patent-pending technology to eliminate clipping instability ensures that the amplifier continues to perform under overload conditions. The Millenia has two input options to support portable players and well as main sources. Quality components parts such as gold-plated inputs and 5-way binding posts make the Millenia suitable for use with high-quality audio sources and speakers systems.

The Majestic Diamond 1R speakers system is a perfect match for the Millenia. Attractively packaged in a space-saving enclosure, the 1R features TBI patented Embedded Transmission Line (ETL) technology meeting the High Definition Sound Standard (HDSS) that is being licensed and used by many major electronic manufacturers such as Marantz and Sharp. ETL solves a myriad of problems in speaker design by using acoustic impedance matching techniques that allows full and natural integration of the speaker sound with room acoustics. This design approach obviates the need for expensive and cumbersome room treatments and correction devices. TBI products are designed to blend in with the environment while producing hi-fidelity, natural sound at reasonable costs.

At $995 retail price, the Millenia MG3/Majestic Diamond 1R system lowers the price of admission into high-end audio, allowing the young music lover consumers to enjoy high-fidelity sound to complement their mobile lifestyle. This entry-level system provides these buyers with the first foray into high-end audio with a natural migration path into more quality solutions as their level of sophistication increases.

At $1,995 retail price, the Millenia/Majestic Diamond 2 system is the next step on this journey, and at $3,445 retail price, the Millenia/Majestic Diamond 2/Magellan VIP subwoofer system provides a true high-end sound previously unattainable at the price point.

Better yet, this attractive yet unobtrusive package will work in any normal listening environment without the need for more costly room treatments and room correction solutions.

Maxell Revamps Its MP3 and iPod Accessory Line

PR: Maxell Corporation of America has redesigned its line of MP3 and iPod accessories, including portable entertainment and connector-compatible devices, offering more functionality and sophisticated modifications

Maxell Corporation of America has redesigned its line of MP3 and iPod accessories, including portable entertainment and connector-compatible devices, offering more functionality and sophisticated modifications. New packaging updates include the performance-driven Blow-Away Guy icon to create a more visible, eye-catching presence on retail shelves.

"By completely revamping select products from Maxell's MP3 and iPod accessory line with thoughtful and visual enhancements, we aim to strongly increase consumer interest and awareness," said Gordon Tetreault, director of sales and marketing for Maxell's accessory products. "We have also tailored our products to fit an increasingly universal landscape, providing flexibility of use with USB connectors."

Maxell's portable accessories offer charging docks, FM transmitters, headphone splitters, digital ear buds, speakers, power adapters and protective casings that have been updated for consumer and retail appeal.

Maxell's P-2 2G (2nd Generation) Back-Up Battery Pack for MP3 and iPods is now smaller and sleeker. A USB slot has also been added to the P-2 2G so consumers can hook up and recharge any device that connects with a USB cord or use it as a NiMH battery charger. The P-3 2G Universal Charging Dock and P-3A 2G Universal Charging Dock with Remote Control now feature adjustable dock support to fit all-sized iPods, eliminating the need for variable-sized trays, and a standard AC adapter to allow consumers the freedom to recharge their iPod without a computer. The P-2 2G, P-3 2G, and P-3A 2G have a suggested retail price of $24.99, $49.99, and $69.99 respectively.

Maxell's P-4 Digital FM Transmitter, P-5A Digital FM Transmitter with Auto Adapter, P-6 Headphone Splitter, P-8B Digital Ear Buds and P-18 Portable Speakers also received makeovers to change the look and feel of these already popular accessories. These products now offer a more sophisticated look in black. The P-4A, P-5A, P-6, P-8B, and P-18 have a suggested retail price of $39.99, $49.99, $6.99, $29.99 and $49.99 respectively.

"The marketplace for MP3 players and iPods is tremendous and Maxell continues to innovate products that will tap into consumers' ongoing quest to personalize, accessorize and use their devices in every part of their everyday lives," said Gordon Tetreault, director of sales and marketing for Maxell's accessory products.

For the iPod owner that wants to protect their player from life's harsh treatments, Maxell has added some new styles to its lineup of skin cases with the new P-20B skin cases for iPod nano 3rd generation and new P-33 skin case for iPod touch. The P-20B features the same shock-absorbing, durable design of the P-20, but now with a 4-pack variety of sleek colors - clear, black, blue and pink (new). For on-the-go use, the P-20B Skins are also conveniently equipped with a neck strap and belt loop.

Maxell's new P-33 skin case for iPod touch is available in black and comes with invisible cling-film screen shields that protect against scratching caused by high-traffic use, keeping audio devices like new.

The P-20B and P-33 have a suggested retail price of $24.99 and $19.99 respectively.

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