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4 GB iPod shuffle Coming, Clever Tape Adapter, Posable iGuy, Driving Directions on Your iPod, and More

Compiled by Charles Moore and edited by Dan Knight - 2005.06.03

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News and Comment

2-4 GB iPod shuffle Coming

Xinhua News Agency reports:

"Apple Computer plans to bust out a 2 GB version of theiPod shuffle in June, with a 4 GB version to follow in August,the online Asian technology Web site DigiTimes reported Friday.

"DigiTimes reports, however, Samsung and Toshiba to be'aggressively planning to ramp up their output of 8Gb NAND flashchips'. "

Flash Memory Prices Plummet, Apple Plans 4 GBshuffle reports:

"The price of flash memory, in particular NAND flash, is set tofall sharply as DigiTimes reports that Samsung and Toshiba are'aggressively planning to ramp up their output of 8Gb NAND flashchips'. In the meantime, the journal also reports that Apple willrelease a 2 GB version of the iPod shuffle in June, with a4 GB version in August."

Samsung, Toshiba to Supply Flash Memory for 2GB, 4 GB shuffle

DigiTimes' Hans Wu and Carrie Yu report:

"Samsung Electronics and Toshiba are aggressively planning toramp up their output of 8Gbit NAND flash chips, as Apple Computerplans to roll out 2 GB and 4 GB versions of its iPodShuffle this June and August, respectively, according to sources atNAND flash makers."

iPod shuffle Tape AdapteriPod shuffleCassette Tape Adapter

Cult of Mac's Leander Kahney says:

"After fiddling about with several iPod FM transmitters, whichare more trouble than they're worth, Roland's adapter looksrefreshingly simple."

iPod to Catch Podcasts

The State's Frank Barnako says:

"Apple Computer's iPod is going to become morepodcast-friendly.

"Chairman Steve Jobs said support for the radiolike programsdownloaded from the Internet will be included in the next versionof the iPod software, iTunes, due within 60 days."

iPod Users Bypassing iTunes for Windows

Gamer Lounge reports:

"iPod users are raving about a plug-in that makes the Winampdigital jukebox a better way to manage the iPod than Apple'siTunes.

"The plug-in, called ml_iPod, allows iPod users to bypass iTunesand manage music collections in Winamp instead. The iPod issupposed to work with iTunes only. A new version of the softwarewas released Monday.

"Fisher and other developers programmed a slew of features,including the ability to sync multiple iPods with Winamp, createsmart playlists and - the most useful option - the ability to copysongs from an iPod onto a hard drive."

Mercedes B-Class Supports iPod

CanWest News Service's Tony Whitney reports:

"I guess you'd have to be living on another planet not to knowat least a little about the phenomenal success of Apple's iPod MP3music player system. The iPod has become something of a modern-daytalisman - a must-have for the young or the young at heart and aproduct that probably has won more media coverage than almost anydevice in the history of electronics....

"Several automakers have already offered models with some kindof iPod compatibility, but Mercedes-Benz is claiming the mostadvanced system yet is being made available with its upcomingB-Class models. I recently evaluated both the B-Class and its iPodinterface and both came out looking very good indeed."

Altec Lansing's inMotion IM7 iPodSpeakers

inMotion iPod Speakersengadget's Peter Rojas reports:

"No official announcement yet, but Larry Angell from iPodloungemanaged to dig up a placeholder product page for the inMotion IM7,Altec Lansing's new portable iPod speakers (you may also recall theinMotion iM3 and iM4; they may have skipped over the iM5 andiM6)."


Take Your iPod on the Road

The Washington Post's Michael Tedeschi says:

"Apple's iPod can take an entire music collection wherever lifetakes you. But if that journey includes playing DJ at a friend'shouse party or providing a soundtrack on the road, you'll need somehelp - most iPods don't include the hardware needed to plug into ahome or car stereo.

"To bridge that gap, a variety of manufacturers now selliPod-to-stereo adapters that usually work in one of two ways. Sometransmit a low-powered FM signal that an adjacent radio can pickup, and others send an iPod's output through a cassette-tape-sizedadapter that plays in any tape deck.

"We tested two FM transmitters - Belkin's TuneCast II, $40; andGriffin Technology's iTrip, $40 - and three cassette adapters -Belkin's Mobile Cassette Adapter, $25; Monster Cable's iCarPlay,$20; and a nameless generic model we had lying around."

Beginner's Guide to Compressing YourTunes

iPodlounge reports:

"Digital music owes its popularity to one key technology:compression. Without compression - a way to make files smaller,more portable, and easier to transfer over a network - there wouldnot yet have been a digital music revolution. Sure, you cantransfer uncompressed music files, but their large size virtuallyrequires broadband Internet access.

"One simple example: an uncompressed one-hour CD takes up about616 MB of disk space. Even with most broadband connections, itwould take more than 2 hours to download. Encoded with 'typical'iPod-friendly compression - as explained below - the same CDrequires about 54 MB, less than one-tenth the size and one-tenththe time.

"But what is compression? And what are bit rates? What do theseterms mean? Read on to find out how to choose the best way toimport music to listen to on your iPod."

iPod photo: Album Artwork Missing afterUpgrading to iTunes 4.7.1

An updated Apple Knowledge Base article says:

"If you upgrade to iTunes 4.7.1 and then find that all youralbum artwork is missing from your iPod photo, update to iTunes 4.8or later to resolve this.

iPod: Frequently Asked Questions

Learn the answers to some of the frequently asked questions(FAQ) regarding iPod.

  1. Is iPod compatible with my computer?
  2. How do I tell which iPod I have?
  3. What music (jukebox) software do I need on my computer to useiPod?
  4. How do I transfer music between my computer and iPod?
  5. How long does it take to transfer my music collection toiPod?
  6. I have a computer at home and one at work. Can I update my iPodmusic collection from more than one computer?
  7. Can I update more than one iPod with my computer?
  8. I have both a Mac and a PC. Will my iPod work on both?
  9. Can I use my existing iPod for Mac on a PC, or my iPod forWindows on a Mac?
  10. Can I use iPod while running, or doing other activities? Willmy music skip?
  11. How does iPod provide skip protection?
  12. How much music does iPod hold?
  13. What if my music collection exceeds the storage capacity ofiPod?
  14. Will music sound as good on my iPod as on my CD player?
  15. What is the equalization (EQ) feature on iPod?
  16. Can I standardize the volume for all the music tracks in my MP3player?
  17. What audio formats does iPod work with?
  18. What is Audible?
  19. Can I connect iPod to my home stereo?
  20. Can I connect iPod to my car stereo?
  21. How long does the battery last?
  22. How do I charge iPod?
  23. Can iPod charge while my computer is asleep?
  24. How does the hard drive feature of iPod work?
  25. Can I start up my computer using iPod?
  26. Is there a clock on my iPod?
  27. How do I add contacts to my iPod?
  28. How do I update my calendar on my iPod?
  29. How long does my iPod service warranty last?
  30. How long is iPod complimentary telephone support?
  31. Where do I find help for my iPod?
  32. How do I clean iPod?
  33. What iPod accessories can I purchase?

Products and Services

iGuy, the First Toy for Your iPod

PR: Speck Products has announced its latest iPodaccessory, iGuy. The first bendable, posable iPod "friend", iGuy isalso fully functional, featuring rubberized protection, dockingcapability and scratch-resistant screen for the iPod and iPodPhoto.

iGuy"Our new iGuy can be youriPod's best friend," said Tim Hickman, general manager of SpeckProducts. "iPod owners are incredibly passionate about their iPodand the iGuy enables them to not only customize their iPod, butactually give it a personality. This is the perfect gift for theiPod fanatic in your life."

iGuy's white, rubberized case features arms that bend to pose,and legs that fold and stretch outright to sit on the dock andrecharge. The case includes a tough, removable screen protector,and enables full access to the control, headphone plug and holdswitch.

The iGuy is designed to fit all 4G and Photo iPods, including20, 30, 40 and 60 gig, and retails for $34.95. It will soon beavailable on retail shelves worldwide as well as online.

iGuy will be available in June, and will retail for $34.95

PodQuest Downloads Driving Directions toYour iPod.

PR: PodQuest is an application for Mac OS X that allowsyou to download driving directions to your iPod.

Once you have downloaded your driving directions to your iPod,you can conveniently access the driving direction any time of theday, thanks to the backlighted display on your iPod.

The current version of PodQuest supports the following mapsites:

  • Google Maps (North America/UK)
  • Yahoo Maps (North America)
  • MapQuest (North America/Europe)
  • MapBlast (North America)
  • Mappy (Europe)
  • RandMcNally (USA)
  • WhereiS (Australia)
  • Krak (Denmark)

New in this version:

  • Fixed bug that in some cases caused strange characters toappear in directions stored on the iPod.
  • Added support for,,

System requirements:

  • Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later
  • Safari 1.0 or later
  • iPod with disk usage enabled

PodQuest is $9.95 shareware.

iPodderX, the Ultimate iPodderClient andPodcast Receiver

PR: iPodderX is the world's very first media aggregatorand makes it easy to get your news, podcasts, video logs, oranything else in a news feed!

iPodderX uses the power of RSS and Atom news feeds to bringfresh content to your desktop automatically. Just like a newspaperor a cable TV subscription, these feeds can contain different typesof content. Depending on which feeds you subscribe to, iPodderXwill deliver Audio, Movies, Images, Documents, and any other kindof file right to your computer. With iPodderX, you'll always havefresh content!

New in Version 3:


Playlist Builder


System requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.5 or higher

iPodderX is:$19.95 shareware

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System

PR: Bose quality sound from your iPod or iPod mini.Simply dock and play to fill the room with vibrant, detailed soundthat will revolutionize the way you experience your iPod.

Bose SoundDockThe BoseSoundDock digital music system was specifically designed to expandand enhance your enjoyment of the music stored on your iPod or iPodmini. Just slip it into the docking cradle for the Bose sound yourfavorite songs deserve. The iPod charges as it plays, so you enjoymusic without interruption. Its sleek, slender design fits almostany room's decor. And the included remote lets you control theSoundDock system from across the room.

Bose performance meets your iPod

Enjoy the songs on your iPod or iPod mini like never before. TheSoundDock system is designed to play your favorite tracks withcrisp clarity - allowing you to discover subtleties in your musicthat used to simmer beneath the surface. A host of proprietarytechnologies adds vitality and realism to your tracks. With Boseproprietary acoustic design, you enjoy a full, rich sound that'sgreater than you'd expect from a system this small.

Easy to use. Easy on the eyes. Easy to love.

The SoundDock system is easy to operate. Just plug it in, pop inyour iPod and play. Your iPod works as long as it has a dockconnector on the bottom. There are no extra wires or adapters. Theincluded remote allows you to control your music at the push of abutton. And a stylish, sophisticated look means it can be thecenter of attention or blend in wherever you place it. TheSoundDock system and your iPod share a commitment to simplicity,quality and above all, music. Now just introduce them and watchthis pair become best friends.

Key Features

  • Bose proprietary acoustic design Rich, full sound from arelatively small enclosure.
  • Docking cradle Holds and automatically charges your iPod®or iPod mini whether it's playing or not.
  • Infrared remote control Controls the system and basic iPod®functions from across the room.

Free ground shipping in the continental US. Hear what happenstoday with our 30-day risk-free trial.

Price: $299

iPod BagiPod Bags

Shiny Shiny's Gemma Cartwright reports:

"And there was me thinking I'd finally found a use for mypockets other than their being a place to stash tissues which Ilater forget to remove before washing. Alas, I was wrong. No longercan we put our iPods safely in coat or jeans pockets. Not nowthere's a perfectly good excuse to buy a new bag.

New Snakeskin Pattern Cases for iPod photo

iPodkitz Red ViperPR: The new iPodkitz expands the range ofiPodkitz products to include the popular iPod photo 30 GBmodel.

The new additions to the range include the eye catching RedViper & Purple Python models. Made from Snakeskin patternedleather, the cases offer a high fashion alternative to the myriadof standard leather cases currently available in the market.

Each iPodkitz contains a hard shell leather case with acushioned interior & a detachable belt clip system. Aretractable sync charge cable & the innovative Smartwrap forheadphone cable management make the iPodkitz, a tempting packagefor only US$39.99.

The new iPodkitz are available for purchase & will beshipping from 30th May.

ezGear for iPod Shuffle

PR: ezGear introduces a whole new line of iPod shuffleaccessories.

ezClip Shuffle - iPod Shuffle Clip

ezClip Shuffleez to use clipfits over the Shuffle's USB port

Strong spring and sturdy clip keeps your iPod Shuffle on yourbelt or sleeve

Color: iPod White

Price: $12.49

ezCharge Shuffle - Car Charger

  • Charge your iPod while using it in your car
  • Works with iPod Shuffle
  • Coiled Cable for easy organization in your car
  • Replaceable fuse protects your iPod

Color: iPod White


TankiniezSkin ShuffleTankini Two Piece Protective Case

  • Protect your iPod Shuffle & USB Cap
  • Five Stylish Colors - Add a flash of color
  • All come with Frost White ezSkin Shuffle

Price: $18.98

ezSkin Shuffle Bodysuit One Piece Protective Case

  • Protect your iPod Shuffle & USB Cap
  • Five Stylish Colors - Add a flash of color
  • All come with Frost White ezSkin Shuffle

Price: $18.98

PowerStick Shuffle - Battery Pack

  • Charge your iPod anywhere
  • Great for travel, airplanes, hiking, camping, biking,skiing
  • Works with iPod Shuffle
  • On/Off Switch
  • LED indicator
  • Color: iPod White

Price $22.98

Vaja Leather "Play-through" Case foriPod shuffle

Vaja caseThe Unofficial AppleWeblog's Laurie Duncan says:

"Vaja has yet another new iPod case out. This one is the AP11flip-top case for iPod shuffle. What's unique about this case isthat the Argentine leather features 'play-through' access to theiPod's play/pause/forward/back/volume controls . . . thecontrol icons are printed on the case itself so you don't have tofumble or guess if you're pressing your thumb in the right spot. Aswith other Vaja cases, the AP11 case is available in a variety ofcolors and several customization options are available...."

Shufflesome iPod shuffle stickersiPod shuffle Stickers reports:

"Similar to the new Creative Neeon, the stickers let consumerscustomize their MP3 player.

A Shufflesome outfit is a set of Teflon coated vinyl stickerstailored to cover the front, back and sides of the iPod shuffle,both for combination with the USB cap and the lanyard USB cap."

iPod Deals

For current iPod prices from a variety of sources, see ourWeek's Best iPod Deals. LEM

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