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Slogans to Help Keep Macs in Your School

- 2003.07.10

My own adventures in attempting to defend the Mac from being eliminated from my district have been documented here before. Our current status is that they seem to be waiting for everyone who defends the Mac to go on vacation simultaneously. I also note that districts in Madison, Wisconsin are being forced to eliminated Macs by an IT director who brags about eliminating Macs from other districts before "cleansing" (my term) Madison schools.

It's time for us to stand up for professional teachers making professional decisions. If we have no choice in how we design our lessons, soon we will all be teaching from scripted workbooks that read like standardized test instructions and sound just as exciting. "Make your marks heavy and dark, and don't forget your three-letter extension on the end of your filename," we'll all say. "Please deposit your Microsoft tax with your Passport card before logging on," will be the mantra of the year 2010.

We've decided we've had enough of this silliness, so we present for your free use some slogans that we hope you'll print out and mail to your elected school board representatives. Stick them on cubicle doors. Tape one to every dead PC you can find in a closet in your district. Link to them on your Web page. Use them as your email tagline.

Why does a district with 90% Macs spend 90% of its training budget learning how to fix Windows PCs?

Who do you want to decide how your child gets taught, your district accountant or your child's teacher? Support Macs in schools.

If getting rid of Macs will save money, how many techs do they plan to fire?

Why does the IT department want to get rid of Macs when they don't spend any time in the classroom?

When did "everyone else does it" become a lesson plan? Lower your Windows

Ditch Windows and Get Some Work Done

Tell Your School Board You Don't Do Windows

Are You Learning With Your Computer or Learning About Your Computer?

Resistance is not futile. Buy a Mac.

Choose Macintosh: The Future of Computing Is in Your Hands

Support Hackers: Replace Macs with Windows PCs

Keep up the good fight. The future of computing is at stake.

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is a longtime Mac user. He was using digital sensors on Apple II computers in the 1980's and has networked computers in his classroom since before the internet existed. In 2006 he was selected at the California Computer Using Educator's teacher of the year. His students have used NASA space probes and regularly participate in piloting new materials for NASA. He is the author of two books and numerous articles and scientific papers. He currently teaches astronomy and physics in California, where he lives with his twin sons, Jony and Ben.< And there's still a Mac G3 in his classroom which finds occasional use.

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