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Jonathan's First Mac

- 2001.12.31

True story, even though Jonathan can't tell it just yet.

My First Mac

This is a true story, written by Daddy for me, because I don't tell stories good yet. My name is Jonathan, and Daddy got me a computer, and I like it.

My first Mac that I got to use by myself is a Mac 8500 that my Daddy picked up cheap somewhere. He put a new CD-ROM in it, 'cause the old one growls, and put it on the big table for me to use. He is writing this for me because I don't know how to spell or tell stories yet.

Somebody told Daddy that three-year-olds can operate a computer with a trackball. He said no way but decided to try anyway, so he dug an old trackball out of a box and sat down with me and showed me how to roll the ball around. It's a Kensington, but it only has two buttons. I can use a mouse, too, but I like the trackball gooder.

It was hard at first, and I didn't like rolling the ball as much as taking it out and throwing it at things made of glass. I didn't get to do that much though, because Daddy got mad.

The day after he showed me the trackball, I figured it out, and since I was already pointing at things with my finger, it was easy to point the arrow instead. And I always liked clicking Daddy's button on his computer even though it turns off sometimes and he makes the funniest faces when his screen turns black.

So now I know how to start the computer and pick out my favorite games (I like "Green Eggs and Ham" and "Cat in the Hat," which my brother calls "Cah-Hah.") He likes it, too, but he doesn't move the ball much; that is my job.

I can play most of the games by myself, although when I am tired it is hard. I can quit games and switch games, and I know how to turn off the computer, too.

Daddy says I'm his little Mac Genius, but what can I say - they're just so easy. So far he has not let me use a PC because he says I'm too young and innocent to be exposed to it just now.

Well I have to go make the fish jump in the pot. Mom doesn't like that part, because I like to jump on her when it comes up.

"Bye!" Mac people!

Jeff Adkins is a science teacher who isn't afraid to state his preferences in computing platforms. In his classroom he has everything from a Quadra 700 to a 500 MHz CD/R-CD/RW iMac, and they all work together nicely. He also writes Mac Lab Report for Low End Mac. and maintains a site for astronomy teachers at

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