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- 2002.07.30

What I can't figure out is why Apple Quicklinks, MyAppleMenu, MacSurfer, and Applelinks all conspire to keep the real news from us. I did a little surfing this morning, and look what I turned up underneath the Lite Side!

eBay Buys PayPal but Can't Figure Out How to Transfer the Payment

USA Today

Inside Jaguar: It's Very Dark and Warm and Smells Bad, but You Don't Care Because You're Dead

Think Secret

Obsessive Journalists Work Hard to Satisfy Their Urge to Show Macs are for Fanatics Only


Apple DVI-to-ADC Connector Doesn't Work with Anything You Have

Apple Tech Info Library

Nobody Cares if You Worked for @Home; Get Out, Say IT Directors

Standardizing on Microsoft Fails to Stop Corporate Meltdowns; Contributes to Ethical Lapses

Christian Science Monitor

Microsoft Introduces RangeRadar: Standardizing Microwave Oven Frequencies Will Reduce WiFi Interference, Says Software Giant, as Well As Standardizing Microwave Recipes


Non-"Switchers" Not Welcome at Macworld: Apple Bans Regular Mac Fans From Registering


VeriSign Sucks, In Case You Hadn't Noticed


Microsoft to Eliminate Brackets {} from Future Fonts, Keyboards; Says Useless Key is Antibusiness

Ergonomics Today

Judge Throws Out Microsoft Ruling; says Lawyers Must Use Macs Next Time to Avoid Prejudice

WSJ Online

Linux Will Take Over the Desktop Any Day Now Just You Wait And See

Linux Today

Survey Reveals Average Mac User Wishes Apple Would Quit Yapping about Unix


Excuse Me While I Wipe Up My Drool

Charles Haddad, Business Week

My Mac Gives Me Naughty Urges

David Coursey, ZDNet

Trying to Find a Way To Say Macs Are Cool Without Admitting It in Public


You're Not Going To Read This No Matter How Good the Title Is

NY Times (registration required)

I'm that Other Guy Whose Name You Can't Remember

Matthew Rothenberg, eWeek

By the Way Have You Read My Novel? I Wrote It with My Teenage Son

Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl

Apple Hot News Is the Greatest Thing Since Sliced Salami

Apple Hot News

I Made Up Linux Commands by Juggling Scrabble Tiles in a Hat

Linus Torvalds

We Took the Outside Cover Off a G4 Power Mac so We Could Include It in This Review of Form Factors

PC Magazine

Study Reveals People Will Click on Just About Anything that Looks Like a Link

Jeff Adkins, The Lite Side

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