The Lite Side

Guide to Classic Mac Error Numbers

- 2003.04.29

"The application <fill in the blank> has unexpectedly quit due to a type 3 error."

Ever wonder exactly what causes a type 3 error?

Now you can find out, thanks to the Lite Side's

Guide to Classic Mac Error Numbers

Note: Items listed in [brackets] are meaningless result code meanings.

DS Error Table

1 deBasError. Computer was used to do work your boss should have done him/herself error

2 dsAddressErr. Return to the wrong house while drunk error

3 dsIllInstErr. Moving violation: cannot turn left on red error

4 dsZeroDivErr. Never been in a sleazy bar before error

5 dsChkErr. The presence of checks doesn't mean there is money in the account error

6 dsOvflowErr. Celery in the garbage disposal error

7 dsPrivYrr. Toilet seat left up error

8 dsTraceErr. Not coloring between the lines error

9 dsLineAErr. Wedding ring caught in sink trap error

10 dsLineFErr. Wedding ring not caught in sink trap error

11 dsMiscErr. Miscellaneous hardware exception error

12 dsCoreErr. Unscheduled regeneration initiation error. Resistance is futile

13 dsIrqErr. Leftover Windows error

14 dsIOCoreErr. Discarded apple core has turned brown and begun to stink error

15 dsLoadErr. Bullet caliber doesn't fit in this weapon error

16 dsFPErr. Unecessary extra significant figures error

17 dsNoPackErr. Storeroom worker not present error [Restaurant Manager]

18 dsNoPk1. Other storeroom worker not present error [Reserved by Apple]

19 dsNoPk2. I never get what I want for Christmas error [Gift Initialization]

20 dsNoPk3. My check is in the mail error [Standard Excuse]

21 dsNoPk4. Why does the guy down the street have so many cars error [Floating-Point Arithmetic]

22 dsNoPk5. What has my wife purchased from ebay this time error [Transcendental Functions]

23 dsNoPk6. Why is there a phone charge to Liberia? error [International Utilities]

24 dsNoPk7. dsNoPk7 is here, but not really error [Binary/Decimal Conversion]

25 dsBellyFullErr. Out of room, but give me more turkey anyway error!

26 dsBadLaunch. Can't launch Ariane 5

27 dsFSErr. Does anybody really know what time it is? Does anybody really care? error

28 dsStknHeap. You don't want to know error

30 dsReinsert. You know, but you don't talk about it in polite company error

31 dsNotThe1. Not the CD I wanted (out of stock) error

33 negZcbFreeErr. ZcbFree has gone negative. I repeat, Zcb has gone negative error

40 dsGreeting. Welcome to Macintosh welcoming message to welcome users to the Macintosh error

41 dsFinderErr. Can't Find the Finder error

42 shutDownAlert. Like an error, only it's an alert, error (obfuscated)

43 dsSystemFileKeyFobErr. Can't find System file to open (obsolete). Customers waiting outside error

51 dsBadSlutInt. You spoke about that cousin no one talks about error

81 dsBadSANEopcode. Medical term for "give a lobotomy right now" error

84 menuPrgErr. Happens when a menu is purged. Cleanup on aisle 7 error

85 dsMBarNFind. Occurs when the cow comes home error

86 dsHMenuFindErr. Waitress cannot find list of food for you to buy error

87 dsWDEFnFnd. Could not load WDEF; wrong camera type error

88 dsCDEFnFnd. Could not load CDEF; wrong film type error

89 dsMDEFnFnd. Could not load MDEF; no batteries in camera error

98 dsNoPatch. Explains why you are irritable today error

99 dsBadPatch. Elves are dancing in my purse error

101 dsParityErr. my husband does the same work as I do but is paid more error

102 dsOldSystem. Congratulations to OS 9 for joining our club error

103 ds32BitMode. Booting in 32-bit on a 24-bit sys with an 8-bit bus and a 2-bit mouse with one finger error

20000 dsShutDownOrRestart. User picked ShutDown but meant Restart error

20001 dsSwitchOffOrRestart. User picked switching off but meant Restart error

103-19999 dsForcedQuit. Fired employee was the only one who had these codes error

32767 dsSysErr. General system error (catch-all used in cased we don't have any freaking idea what happened)

64298301asdlfij aspohbg4chfcioWACV0CKDFX,MVU,8U dsLightningErr. Lightning has struck your computer error

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