The Lite Side

Netscape Memorial Service Invitation

- 2003.06.03

You are invited
to a memorial service
for our old friend



Open to the public

Opening Remarks

  • "All of us have regrets, but don't let it get you down," Steve Case
  • "Moving on when you lose a loved one," Jim Barksdale
  • "Painful memories fade with time, if you keep busy with make-work," Mark Andreessen
  • "Money can't buy everything you've lost, but it can buy you a heck of a lot," Bill Gates

Visitation (viewing of the Source Code)

11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. PDT in the Main Lobby at Microsoft Headquarters

Guest Registry

Passport registration (required for entry) provided free courtesy of Microsoft, Inc. Please provide a valid ID and one active credit card, which will not be charged but will be merely used to verify your identity.

Memory Book

Please sign our memory book using the provided touch-sensitive screen or upload your memoriam to our wireless net server. The network zone name is VICTORY and the password is EXPLORER.

Several default memories are available at our web site Just make your selection and upload with your Passport ID.

Option A: I remember using Netscape 1.0.
Option B: I remember the first web page I ever saw on Mosaic.
Option C: I remember when Netscape 6.0 came out. It deserved to die.
Option D: I remember when IE was the only browser my bank supported. Netscape really died for me that day.
Option E: I remember when I realized I didn't need AOL to use Internet Explorer and became free of Netscape.

Burial Services

Netscape will be officially buried on Friday, June 13, 2003, or whenever the pink slips for AOL's Netscape Division get delivered, whichever comes first. After this date Microsoft can no longer guarantee that its Internet Information Server can or will allow packets originating from Netscape users to trigger web services, nor that Internet Explorer will remain a free download.

Netscape will be buried in a private ceremony in Redmond, Virginia.

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