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Steve Jobs, Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes that Succeed

- 2003.08.05

Everyone knows Steve Jobs is not what you'd describe as a Nice Man. He yells at his employees. He berates his competitors. He ruthlessly cuts projects that have lots of devoted followers.

However, he does serve as a role model for a specific character trait which is well regarded. This trait is the source of his fabled Reality Distortion Field. We here at the Lite Side aren't Catholic, but that's not going to stop us from nominating Steve Jobs as the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes that Succeed Despite Everyone's Better Judgment

Consider the evidence. To be considered for sainthood a person must have performed three miracles, according to Father Guido Sarducci. Here are Steve's:

  1. The original founding of Apple Computer from his garage; against all odds he and Woz founded a company which took on the status quo and changed computing for everyone.
  2. He resurrected Apple Computer from the Dark Days of the mid 90s when everyone thought the "beleaguered" company was about to tank.
  3. He provided a model for online music sales that actually worked, despite everyone saying that online theft will undercut legal sales.

Saints are supposed to be dead - let's waive that requirement for now.

If he can't be a saint, he can at least be the driving force behind one of Murphy's Laws: The success and profitability of Apple Computer is inversely proportional to the number of pundits declaring it to be on its deathbed.

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