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- 2003.12.17

I've been considering putting together a book of my favorite Lite Sides using the new Cafe Press self-publishing system. That way I get to say, "Hey, I published a book," and you get to say, "Hey, I voted for which Lite Side articles went into a book." Low End Mac makes a buck on each book (so do I), Cafe Press gets its cut, you get a nifty coffee-table conversation piece and coaster - everyone wins.

I even have a title for the book:

Mouse Tales from the Mac Side.

No wait, here's a better one:

The Least Dense Part of the Lite Side

But that's not informative to buyers who aren't regular readers . . . hmmm . . . how about

Recycled Computer Humor from the Lite Side

Putting Microsoft Curbside in the Blue Bin of Death

Oh, geez, that induces negative air pressure, too.

While I work on a title that doesn't induce unpleasant and irreversible bodily functions, you go ahead and skim through the Lite Side index and pick your favorites. I'll use some of the ones that receive the most votes, and some that I spent a lot of hours on and therefore believe are much better than they really are.

When it's ready, you'll know, because one will mysteriously appear on your doorstep in a brown paper wrapper, and a charge will appear on your credit card for "Simoleon Publishing LLP."

Oh, yeah, there'll be a few gems not on the website, just so those of you who are obsessed have a reason to shell out the bucks.

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