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One Free iTune from Pepsi, But Which One to Choose?

- 2004.03.31

I finally won!

Four 20 ounce bottles of Diet Pepsi later, I finally won an iTunes song. Oh happy day! I, too, can be a winner. No more "Please try again!"

One Free Song!

My life is complete - except for one thing.

Which song do I pick?

Ohhhh, boy.

Well, I like movie soundtracks, and I enjoy some pop music, but this one is free. Free!

But what to choose?

Well, there's the Top 10 list from the iTunes store. #1 today is by a band called D12. This album contains a parental advisory sticker, which for people of my generation means "you won't be able to understand what they are saying, and if you can, you won't know what the words mean, and if you do find out, you'll be horribly offended and start talking about the decline of Western Civilization."

Okay, so let's look at movie soundtracks.

Top of the list is "Ultimate Mancini." Henry Mancini? Hey, he did lots of famous movies. He's best known for "The Pink Panther Theme," which I already own.

Pepsi giveawayWilliam Hung? That's good for a laugh once or twice. But he's so famous now, having a song by him means you have to admit you watch 'merican Idol. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Well, this does point out one problem with Apple's whole "iLife" strategy - the assumption that people are going to make beautiful movies, compose interesting music with GarageBand, take brilliant photos and proudly display them with iPhoto, and otherwise be able to make something interesting for others to see has a fatal flaw:

Most people are dorks.

Maybe that's the real reason Apple has only a 5% market share.

Weird Al Yankovic

As for my one free song, I finally settled on "Genius in France" by Weird Al Yankovic.

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