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- 2005.04.18

I noted that there are a number of social trends related to iPods popping up in the news - increased iPod thefts, podcasting, hosting a dance with the attendees providing their own mixes via iPod - and it seems to me we're behind the curve on language to describe these and other events.

If you own an iPod, copy this article and email it around,* because I'd like nothing more than to coin a few phrases that come into the iPod lexicon via the Lite Side's


alphapod - The alphabet of 'Pods written by yours truly.

battery tax - Expense of replacing a battery you cannot replace yourself.

earpod - Any of a number of earbud-style headphones designed to work with an iPod and look visually compatible. The archetype is the included earbuds Apple supplies.

hard drive excuse - Any justification for the purchase of an iPod which points out it can also be used as an external hard drive.

"Fill in the blank" mini - Anything which is a miniature version of a larger one. For example, iPod mini, Mac mini, mini Me, mini Cooper, etc. Note: some of these predate iPod mini, so Apple did not invent this trend - it merely capitalized on it.

halo effect - Originally, involuntary twitching due to playing Halo. More recently, the idea that iPod sales will stimulate Mac sales.

iPod- The "ubiquitous" MP3 and AAC music player manufactured by Apple Computer.

iPod, therefore iAm - Overused phrase referring to iPodency

iPodency - Persons who feel incomplete when they lose their iPods are said to be iPodent. For example see iPod Devotees Rocked by Thefts.**

** inal - Anal-retentive (it is hyphenated, right?) editors who insist that Proper Nouns Must Be Capitalized, even when it's wrong. Examples you'll see in print: IPod, IMac, IBook. Also more recently: iPod mini, iPod photo, iPod Shuffle, Mac Mini. Dan Knight, site editor

kleptopodiac - A mugger or thief that specializes in iPod thefts.

phod (spoken with an affected accent similar to any antagonist from a frat movie) - Fad, especially in terms of the purchase and use of an iPod.

podapp - A computer program other than iTunes used to help manage your iPod. For example, iPodder (caution, some podcasts NSFW)

podboot - Booting a computer from an iPod used as a hard drive.

podcast - From Computer Hope: "A name of an audio broadcast that is often listened to on an iPod, hence the name. Podcasting is an audio post often made as a .MP3 file that can be listened to on any computer or portable audio device capable of playing MP3 files. What make podcasting unique is the ability to subscribe to someone's Podcast and listen to that Podcast whenever you want."

podcessory - A 3rd party device for connecting to an iPod, such as these from Belkin and these from Griffin.

podcident - Any accident, serious or funny, caused by a person fiddling with their iPod and being unaware of their environment.

poddible - A function, such as reading a text-only ebook, that is possible on an iPod given the correct software. "My calendar is poddable because it syncs through iSync."

poddock - A podmount that interfaces with a car or stereo system.

podfund - Money you are saving to purchase an iPod.

podmount - A device which holds an iPod in place, usually in a car. It may or may not charge or interface with the car.

podnomenon - A social trend centered on the use, appearance, or discussion of the iPod.

'pod people - People who use iPods. Especially, anyone who talks about their use of iPods in a public setting.

scroll wheel - Circular menu selection device.

Winpod - An iPod used on a windows machine.

youPod? - Usually a query, a pun in parallel to the iPod's "i" that asks if a person uses an iPod. Also derivative of "iPod, uPod, we all iPod."

* Permission granted to email this article or print it out on your printer for personal use or to share with others. Permission is not granted to copy this article and post it elsewhere on the Internet - link to <> instead. Copyright 2005 by Jeff Adkins. All rights reserved. This paragraph must be included with any use of this article.

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