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Evan Kleiman - 2001.08.01

Q. I'd like to start my own website for some personal things - pictures, etc. - I want it to look cool, but I don't want to spend a lot of money. What are some good free resources for web masters?

A. There are many websites and services that offer free things for webmasters, but since there are so many, no one ever knows which are the best ones Today I will help you out pick the best ones for your time and web space.

Best Free Text Generation/Graphics tool

My personal favorite for this stuff is the Webgfx Rendermachine, by Webgfx. It has many super features such as the try-o-mat, which is quite similar to Microsoft's Wordart, but it has much more, such as dozens of textures and patterns for your text object.

Another cool feature of this site is the nav-o-mat, which can create custom navigation bars for your website with things such as roll-overs and custom graphics. Also included with your free subscription at Webgfx is the log-o-mat (to create your very own website logos; similar to the try-o-mat) and the page-o-mat, which of course, lets you create your own custom web pages with navbars, graphics, etc.

Best Free Website Counters

There are many free counter services, and many of them will tailor to your different needs, because some websites will need different counters than others. But one of the best, and my favorite, is Microsoft's own bCentral. bCentral is more focused towards the more business and professional end of the website spectrum, so it might not be for some of you, but it does have such good, common features as a customizable counter and emailable reports of your site's hit count progress.

Another good free website counter service is The Counter. It has such features as customizable interfaces and counter reports, but is made more for personal websites, not small business ones, etc.

Best Flash Site

My favorite site for Flash stuff is Extreme Flash. Even though I don't use Flash on any of my websites, you can use it, as now it as easier than ever, especially with this Extreme Flash.

Extreme Flash has many cool tutorials for people with any kind of experience using Flash, from none to a computing professionals. By using these tutorials you can be able to create the beginner's flash site of your dreams.

Best Free Web Space

There really are three main free web space providers out there, and they've been around pretty much since the old era of easy computing and easy web pages design was around, before the iMac and such, and these providers are Xoom (now part of NBCi), Geocities (owned by Yahoo), and Tripod (run by Lycos). All three are just as good as each other and offer pretty much the same features, and all have been around long enough (with many different owners, of course) to pretty much say that they'll be around for some more time, so stability is an easy thing with them.

Best Overall Website Developer Website

My personal favorite site for developer tools is This site has all of the tutorials, articles, and how-to's you will ever need to get started - plus links to many other great sites out there.

As always, there are many other free websites out there that will give you the same services, but, these are the best and easiest sites on the Net.

Get out there and keep building those websites!

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