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Problems Running Classic Mode in Tiger

Dan Knight - 2007.11.08

From Marion:

I have been running a dual processor 1.8 PPC Power Mac with Panther for a couple of years. My husband bought Leopard, so I thought I would upgrade to Tiger. I definitely intend to continue using Classic.

I had been using 9.1 as my Classic system, and every time I opened it, I would get a message saying that it was not the right version to be running as Classic - but it has caused me little trouble, and I did not care. But it will not run under Tiger, which I successfully installed, so I upgraded to the "correct" 9.2.2 (which is somewhat longish story with which I will not bore you). But I have also gotten a message saying that I have the wrong version of QuickTime. 9.2.2 wants a version 6.0.3 or higher.

I always got a message (in Panther) that said I had a version of QuickTime older than I should have, but now I can't find a later version, and the System will not finish loading with the older version I have. All I can find are versions higher than 7 which say they are for versions of OS X. I have looked around, done a web search, looked on Apple's website (which refers you to their QuickTime site, which did not help), etc. Do you know where I can find this elusive software?



It's a real catch-22 situation. The solution is to load Mac OS 9.2.2 without QuickTime. If your Mac boots into the Classic Mac OS, hold down the shift key during startup to prevent extensions and control panels from launching. If you only use Classic Mode from OS X, open Classic in System Preferences, pick the Advanced tab, check Turn Off Extensions, and start Classic.

Next visit the Apple Mac OS 9.2.2 System Updates page from Green Building Concepts, which includes links to everything you can download for free to create a fully up-to-date version of 9.2.2.

The other way out of this mess is to get a Mac OS 9.2.2 install CD, which will have all the software you need for a fully compatible 9.2.2 installation. Any version of the 9.2.2 install CD will work, even if it says iMac, eMac, PowerBook, etc.

I've found it online for as little as US$20 from Your Mac Store.


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