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New iMac: Attempted Murder?

Steve Sarrica

I sure hope that the new iMac color and pattern schemes look better in person than they do on the web. New iMacsBlue Dalmatian looks like a close-up shot of a screen door looking at a blue sky. Flower Power looks like a shower curtain I saw once. For me, for now, I'll stick with indigo or graphite - at least until I can see these new schemes in person.

I've heard folks ask, "What we're they thinking?" "Looks like the acid culture is still alive in Cupertino," and the like. After giving the topic some thought, I think Apple decided to cut loose and have a little fun. If, along the way, the new colors killed John C. Dvorak, that might be viewed as a bonus by some on Infinite Loop.

I don't know either Steve Jobs or Mr. Dvorak, but I know that they had something of a falling out after Dvorak wrote a mean-spirited column about Jobs. Dvorak also famously derided the iBook as too "girlie" for men to use and seems to take great joy in egging on the Mac fanatics if for no other reason than to boost the hits on his web pages.

We haven't heard yet from John on this topic. Could it be that Jobs' nefarious plan has already born fruit and John C. Dvorak is stuck in a fit of apoplexy or has wound out his mortal coil somewhere between Blue Dalmatian and Flower Power? Only time will tell.

Me? I think I would have preferred metallic or stone-looking plastics to the shower curtain and the screen door.

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