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Eric Schwarz - 2002.07.15

This week I'll be in New York to attend the Macworld Expo (no, I didn't get the press pass, so I don't have to worry about whether my site is a rumor site or not, or if LEM is a rumor site or not). This will be my first Macworld Expo.

I have the freebie pass for all the booths, but I do plan on watching the keynote on our satellite dish. I'll be bringing my iBook (hopefully), so I can keep all my readers updated on what's going on.

I think that Apple's moved away from product introductions during Macworld - especially New York. Why did they update the TiBook and the iBook in between trade shows? Why did they introduce Xserve after WWDC? I think the reason is pressure.

Rumor Sites

When the rumor sites start talking about a G5 tower or a G4 iBook, people get in a frenzy - and when no such thing is introduced, we're all disappointed. I don't think Apple wants to deal with this, so instead they introduce things in the "off-season" so that nobody knows when they will come out. Of course, certain things are still rumored, and people still expect certain things, but this seems a little less disappointing when Apple doesn't update your favorite Mac model.

Of course, people need to realize that the rumor sites are somewhat "for entertainment only." What is on there is usually not what the final product will be anyway, so it might be better for everyone to wait for Apple's next gizmo.


The rumor sites also help in generating propaganda, and Apple doesn't seem to like it, even when it benefits Apple.

Apple needs to get in gear and start upping the power of their Mac lineup. PC users don't understand the Megahertz Myth, and lots of professionals want faster G4s. I think Apple should drop the 14" iBook and create a lower cost TiBook model that sells for around $2,000. It's also time for the G3 iMac to go the way of the Performas. This will cut down product lines. Apple then needs to release a headless eMac for anyone who already has a monitor they want to use. This will become the new low end.

They also need to come out with a few other peripherals, similar to the iPod, but I'm not sure exactly which. Hey, I'm not the one who works for Apple....

Mac Community

People should still go to the rumor sites - they're fun to read, but readers should take what they read lightly. What's predicted there is simply that - a prediction. Just as the weatherman says it "might rain", and sometimes it doesn't, the rumors sites may say Power Mac G5 or iBook G4, but there aren't any. People need to also remember that Apple sometimes waits until the last minute to release something, so we might see something entirely unexpected during Steve's famous "one more thing..." ending. LEM

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