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OS X Keyboard Shortcuts, Movie Downloads, New Segway Models, Google Coupons, and More

- 2006.08.18

Welcome to Low End Mac's Tech Tracker! I've combed through hundreds of blog posts, news articles, and RSS feeds over the past week to find what I believe are the most interesting bits of tech news and hints. Not all are Mac-related - or even computer-focused - but instead include all aspects of technology. I hope you find it helpful.

This week's top links:

OS X Keyboard Shortcuts

A long, helpful list of "every keyboard secret in OS X."

Studios to OK Copying Movie Downloads to Disc

Downloading movies to burn onto DVD will soon be available. Great! It's about time that studios realized that the train was about to leave without them.

Fox Offers Movie, TV Downloads with the Usual Major Drawbacks

And then there are those who don't get it yet.

Classic Goes Out with Nary a Whisper

Is Mac's Classic OS really obsolete? Chris Adamson seems to think so.

TechTV Reborn as 'UndoTV'

The return of TechTV? If the TWIT podcast isn't enough for you...

Apple's Leopard Strategy: Screw Microsoft, Kill Dell, Save the 4th Quarter

Digital Trends realized this week that Apple actually hopes folks might switch after using Boot Camp. Hi guys - glad you could make it.

Windows Live Writer Brings WYSIWYG to Blogging

Microsoft pulls off WYSIWYG blog editing. Look for this in the next version(s) of Word/Office.

Electric Sports Car Maker Sells Out Its First Round of Cars

All-electric sports cars. The earth-friendliness makes me smile. The price (and, from the description, the un-carlike "feel") make me frown.

New Generation of Segway Unveiled

If the electric sportscar doesn't suit you - how about an all-terrain Segway?

Google Offers Coupons, No Scissors Needed

In addition to everything else, Google now does coupons, too.

Comparing Prices: Mac Pro versus PCs

In case you didn't see this one: Macworld does a point-by-point price comparison of the new Mac Pro with a top-of-the-line Dell. Shock ensues.

You Are What You Search

Which searcher-type are you? Slate defines seven categories of Internet searcher.

YouTube Wants to Host "Every Music Video Ever Created"

YouTube steps up to negotiate a serious deal - get ready for the Internet equivalent of early MTV (don't expect astronauts and big-haired VJs, though). LEM

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