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Lions Gate's iTunes Movie Deal, MS Zune Detailed, Secure Wireless, Direct from Vinyl to CD, and More

- 2006.08.29

Editor's note: My apologies for the delay in posting last week's Tech Tracker. Ed's iBook was stolen last Wednesday, so he had less time to compile links and emailed this to a mailbox I don't check daily. Dan Knight, senior editor

Lions Gate: iTunes Movie Deal in Place

iTunes will carry movies soon. We all knew it was coming.

Zune Interface, Features Detailed

Details - with a picture - of Microsoft's Zune "iPod killer" hit the streets. *yawn*

TEAC GF-350 Converting Vinyl into CDs

Teak gives us the all-in-one vinyl LP-to-CD conversion. Will this go anywhere? I thought that anyone still listening to vinyl did so by choice. US$330-400.

Military Research Aims to Develop Self-Configuring, Secure Wireless Nets

A self-configuring, secure wireless network - leave it to the U.S. military to take on a project of that scope.

Teenagers Don't Think Copying CDs Is a Crime

Teens don't believe duplicated CDs are "pirated". I guess that makes it okay.

Windows Vista the Last of Its Kind

Techworld claims that Vista will be the "last of its kind" - with a compelling argument.

Laptop Slides Into Bed in Love Triangle

The NY Times uncovers problems of tech in the bedroom.

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