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Toshiba to Build Zune, Make Your Own .mac, How Soon an Email Response?, 17 Office Killers, and More

- 2006.09.01

Toshiba Will Build Microsoft Zune Players

The Zune - or should I say Pixys? - will be made by Toshiba. Toshiba has photos that show - surprise! - it looks kind of like an iPod. With bigger screen that, apparently, won't be showing video.

When Can I Expect an Email Response?

How long do you wait for an e-mail response? This study's report suggests 24 hours.

Who Needs Class When You Have a Podcast?

Is podcasting the solution to an 8 a.m. class? Students are finding it too easy to skip lectures when a podcast is available instead.

Star Trek's a Thesis

Trekkie validation: Ph.D. publishes a thesis on Star Trek as an archetype of myth.

17 MS Office Killers

Some want to argue that Microsoft Office isn't adequate to truly meet the demands of today's workplace.

Microsoft Office vs. the World - No Contest

Others think that's a bunch of baloney.

How I Created My Own .mac Replacement

Want to set up your own version of .mac? Here's a step-by-step (and very technical) how-to.

Nokia Unveils N80 Multimedia Phone

A Nokia "Treo" competitor. Great - Nokia phones are well-made and affordable, and a bit of competition will do the smartphone world a lot of good. LEM

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