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The Genes that Make Us Human, Home Theft via Identity Theft, Danger of a Shared Calendar, and More

- 2006.09.08

Tech Tracker is a weekly digest of links. I've scanned the broad scope of technology news and writing and summarized what I thought was the most interesting or important (or both).

Multiple Copies of a Mystery Gene May Make Us Human

They think they've figured out the gene that makes us human. While interesting, I fail to understand what makes this useful. Could someone explain it to me?

Homeowner Horror

The latest technology crime: identity theft to steal your home! Be careful.

Death by Google Calendar: How I Identified You to Rob You

Identity theft looms online, too - if you're on Google Calendar, you need to read this.

612 Lawns

And then there is online "theft" of another kind. Should crimes committed in virtual worlds be convict-able in the real world?

Google Developing Eavesdropping Software

Google as "Big Brother" - that seems fairly out of accord with their typical M.O.

New Web Sites Seeking Profit in Wiki Model

A wiki as a viable business model? Some think so - check out how these entrepreneurs hope to make a living at building wikis.

Who Writes Wikipedia?

Speaking of wikis, here's an interesting piece on Wikipedia - and how it actually is more like a real encyclopedia than you may think.

Hardware Hacking a Voting Machine in 4 Minutes

Slashdot has put together a good overview of links on the trouble with electronic voting, including a link to the recent account of how a watchdog organization's worker exercised a proof-of-concept hack on a voting machine.

About Ubuntu Christian Edition

A Christian OS? This build of Ubuntu Linux is a tough call - is it a useful tool or religious schlock?

The Greenest Office in America

It's not easy being green - but apparently it will pay for itself in time. Adobe is the "greenest corporation in America".

Which Road Leads to Energy Independence?

Speaking of energy conservation - thanks to CNET for this well-done piece on energy usage, energy independence, and what our options are.

Clumping Oil Together to Make Pipeline Run Smoother

Apparently it's energy week at CNET, since they're also talking about transporting oil more efficiently.

Wanted: Assistant for Stephen Hawking

It doesn't get more tech than this: Stephen Hawking is looking for a graduate student to work as his assistant.


Just a plain good idea: Outsource your software development in an auction-style freelance job board.

Medical Marvel Created from Xbox

And another good (or, I should say, brilliant idea) - using a hacked Xbox to do occupational therapy for stroke victims. LEM

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