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Microsoft High School, Vista Reality Check, Unbox Is Spyware, eBay Seller Tips, and More

- 2006.09.11

Tech Tracker is a semiweekly digest of links. I've scanned the broad scope of technology news and writing and summarized what I thought was the most interesting or important (or both).

Windows HS: Microsoft Designs a School System

Microsoft designs a school. Maybe they've finally found a product that suits their working model: restarting every hour or so for a new class, easy transmission of colds, flu, and other viruses; and getting the "user" (students, er, learners to accomplish basic tasks without too much frustration and difficulty.

A Reality Check for Vista

In other Microsoft news: Business 2.0 relegates Vista to "also-ran" category, saying the delays and high prices are sufficiently discouraging to keep users from lining up to buy.

Stalling the Net by Default?

More Vista problems: Microsoft's knack for doing their own thing may, once again, cause major headaches on the 'net. This sounds like a problem exponentially worse than creating their own HTML standards.

The Top-Secret Warplanes of Area 51

I'm not sure this is tech - I'm not even sure it's science - but if you're an Area 51 buff you might be interested in this piece from Popular Science.

Top Prize for 'Light' Inventor

You don't know it, but this guy's technology is all around you. See why Shuji Nakamura deserved the Millennium Technology Prize.

My Fight with Amazon Unbox

Amazon's Unbox turns out to be glorified spyware. Let's see what Tuesday's Apple announcements offer us; otherwise, we'll still have to wait for downloadable video.

eBay Sellers Go Back to School: 10 Tips

Do you eBay? Here are some tips to do it better.

Florida County Plans to Vaporize Landfill Trash

Back to the "green scene" - here's an earth-friendly idea if I ever saw one. A power plant is being built in Florida that will use landfill and sewage as fuel and power the nearby town adequately. Good move.

Why the iPod Is Losing Its Cool

Is the iPod losing its cool? The Observer thinks so. Will Tuesday's event show otherwise?

Microsoft vs. Open Source: Who Will Win?

In the Linux vs. Microsoft operating system war, Harvard believes that Linux can't win. See why they claim this.


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