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Quad-Core Mac Pro, Carbon-Free Computing, Lonelygirl15 Scam, Microsoft Zune, and More

- 2006.09.15

Tech Tracker is a semiweekly digest of links. I've scanned the broad scope of technology news and writing and summarized what I thought was the most interesting or important (or both).

Professor Gives Students the Option of Purchasing His Lectures Online

Miss class - buy the lecture. Should this college professor be selling his lectures online?

Via Debuts "Carbon-Free" Desktop CPU

Another "green" move: a carbon-free computer chip. When did using carbon become earth-unfriendly?

What about Quad Core?

Wow - dual quad-core processors in a Mac Pro means eight cores! That's a lot of power.

No, she isn't 15'Lonelygirl15' Creators Admit to YouTube Fiction

Scam of the week: This "vodcast" was all a sham. No, she wasn't a 16 year-old homeschooler, but a 19 year-old actress fishing for a gig.

Students Spurn Free Music Downloads

Free downloads instead of pirated or paid-for - but the students don't want them.

Surfing Anonymously Has Its Drawbacks

Surfing anonymously gave this guy more trouble than it was worth. I wonder how different Safari's "Private Browsing" feature is?

Microsfot ZuneMicrosoft Announces Zune Specs

Zune revealed. So it looks like the key to "knocking the iPod off its throne" is the color brown. I ask you: What can brown do for you?

U.S. Official Questions Regulatory Scrutiny of Apple

The international push-back against Apple's digital rights management policies is itself scrutinized by U.S. antitrust officials.

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