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- 2009.01.09

Bong! . . . :-) . . . Welcome to Macintosh!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who have visited Low End Mac and to those who have read Welcome to Macintosh.

I also want to apologize to those who sent me an email and didn't receive a reply back. This past year has been a trying time for me personally as my focus became rather cloudy. Even now, I find my focus somewhat blurry. I thank all of you for your patience and understanding.

Many Thanks!

I also want to thank everyone for your thoughts and prayers for my good friend Lyuda (see Days of Shock and Hope and The Greatest Comeback). Words cannot express my gratitude for the countless emails I received from people all across the world. I'm happy to report that Lyuda is gaining her strength and weight back little by little. Her recovery is slow but sure.

Lyuda and her family still need your thoughts and prayers.

Back to Macs

As I turn my attention back to Welcome to Macintosh, you can look for some changes. I've gotten somewhat off track with in terms of what I had originally intended the column to be about. I'm separating the reviews into their own section, The Review Vault.

As for what Welcome to Macintosh will be about....

Low End Mac has changed over time. As Mac users have upgraded to either new Macs or newer "used" Macs, the definition of what's considered low-end has changed. I've decided to continue on as I originally intended and focus on "classic" Macs - from the oldest Macs all the way up through the last Macs that were able to boot the Classic Mac OS.

I'm bucking the trend towards writing content that centers around newer Macs, because the Web has become saturated with news and information about newer Macs. However, new articles about 68K Macs and PPC Macs is becoming harder to find. It's important that the legacy of the first Macs and Macs that run the Classic Mac OS be kept alive.

Thanks Again

I had pondered the thought of retiring Welcome to Macintosh altogether. I wasn't sure if anyone would care whether or not I continued on with it.

I'm humbled and am happy to say that many people encouraged me to continue writing it. These people helped me to see that I must carry the torch - along with countless others who write about older Macs. I will do my best to not let any of you down.

As part of my renewed effort in keeping the spirit of the 68K Macs and PPC Macs alive, I will dedicate one or two articles a month to reader feedback. If you have stories and memories, or even questions about your 68k and PPC Macs, send them to thomas (at) lowendmac (dot) com. With your permission, they will show up in Welcome to Macintosh: Mail Call.

Thank you all once again for your support. Whether you agree with my opinions or not, whether you like my column or not, I appreciate everyone who has read it. I hope 2009 will be a great year for everyone! LEM

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