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Chillin' Out with the Cool-It USB Beverage Chiller

Rating: 4 out of 4

- 2007.08.15

Picture this: You're sitting at your Mac, be it a desktop or laptop, with soda in hand. You're called away for something of greater importance (in comparison to the work you're slaving over on your Mac). You come back an hour later to find your once-cold soda is now warm.

Imagine the sheer horror of it all!

Your next thought, aside from a few choice expletives, immediately becomes, "How can I keep this from happening again?"

the USB Beverage Chiller

Enter - the USB Beverage Chiller from Cool-It Systems.

Yes, friends, your suffering days have reached their end when it comes to warm soda. No longer will you encounter those moments when duty calls and you can't put your soda back in the fridge.

Just what the heck is this marvel? As the name implies, its sole purpose in life is one of great importance - to keep your soda or drink of choice chilled at a comfortable temperature of 45° F.

Ideal for the size of a 12 oz. can of soda, the USB Beverage Chiller has a metal plate you put your drink on. The rest of the casing is white plastic with a mini fan that revs up to the max when chilling at the max. The fan isn't loud at all. Another plus is the front ventilation. It's very adequate and does its job.

How does it work?

Simple: It plugs into a available USB port. That's it!

Now for the fun part, testing whether it actually works. I'm proud to say it does! It works well.

To put it to the test, I grabbed a cold drink out of the fridge and set it on the chiller. After I plugged it in to one of my Mac mini's USB ports, I left the room for an hour or more. When I returned, the drink was in fact still chillin' like a villain.

the USB Beverage ChillerThe USB Beverage Chiller plays with Mac and PCs alike.

How much we talking here? $24.99. Not a bad price at all considering it saves you from the dreaded warm throat.

To learn more about this little wonder, motor on over to Cool-It Systems.

I give it 4 Macs. A great gadget, Cool-It Systems! Now we Mac users can be cool in more ways than one. LEM

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