Mac Classic II

Introduced in October 1991, the Classic II (a.k.a. Performa 200) was both an upgraded Classic and a replacement for the venerable SE/30. Based on a modified LC motherboard, the Classic II shares a 16-bit data path and a RAM ceiling of 10 MB (the Classic II is slower than the SE/30, even though both use the same 16 MHz 68030 CPU). These shortcomings, plus the lack of an expansion slot, made it a poor replacement for the SE/30, and we call it a Compromised Mac.

Mac ClassicThe Classic II was the last Mac to use a 9″ b&w screen.

You can set brightness from the keyboard with the Brightness control panel open – just use the keys 1-9 for a brighter or dimmer display. Note that if you set a brightness less than 4, the Classic II will revert to 4 at the next startup. Apple did this so users wouldn’t think the computer wasn’t working due to a dark display.

Color display? Aura Systems made ScuzzyGraph II, a SCSI peripheral that provided 8-color video for people who didn’t want to buy (or couldn’t afford) a Mac II. 1989 cost was $995 to $2,495, depending on resolution.

You can convert a non-working compact Mac into a Macquarium. (Please, don’t even think of converting a working one – you can always find someone interested on the Classic Macs or Compact Macs lists.)


  • Classic II introduced 1991.10.21 at $1,899; discontinued 1993.09.13
  • Performa 200 introduced 1992.09.14; discontinued 1993.10.18
  • code names: Apollo, Montana
  • Gestalt ID: 23 (49 for Performa 250)
  • model no.: M4150

Mac OS

  • requires System 6.0.8L, 7.0.1 to 7.6.1
  • addressing: 24-bit or 32-bit

Core System

  • CPU: 16 MHz 68030
  • FPU: 68882 (optional)
  • ROM: 512 KB
  • RAM: 2 MB, expandable to 10 MB using two 100ns 30-pin SIMMs


  • 1.8, relative to SE
  • 3.97, Speedometer 3.06
  • 0.25, Speedometer 4
  • 3.9 MIPS
  • see benchmarks


  • 9″ b&w screen, 512 x 342 pixels


  • floppy drive: 1.4 MB double-sided
  • floppy connector on back of computer
  • Hard drive: 40 or 80 MB


  • ADB ports: 2
  • serial ports: 2 DIN-8 RS-422 ports on back of computer
  • SCSI ports: DB-25 connector on back of computer
  • expansion slots: none


  • size (HxWxD): 13.2″ x 9.7″ x 11.2″
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
  • PRAM battery: 3.6V half-AA
  • power supply: 76W


  • none known

Online Resources


  • Apple discontinued support and parts orders for this model on 2001.01.01. You may be able to find dealers with parts inventory either locally or on our parts and service list.
  • Never connect an Apple II 5.25″ floppy drive to the Mac’s floppy port. Doing so can ruin the floppy controller, meaning you can’t even use the internal drive any longer.
  • Macs with black-and-white only displays (1-bit, no grays) may find Netscape Navigator 3 makes it impossible to view some pages and sites. The workaround is to use Navigator 2 or 4.
  • Serial port normally restricted to 57.6 kbps; throughput with a 56k modem may be limited. See 56k modem page. For more information on Mac serial ports, read Macintosh Serial Throughput.

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