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Vintage Macs is a forum for users of 68000, 68020, 68030, and 68040-based Macintosh computers (a.k.a. 680×0 Macs and 68K Macs). This includes compact Macs, the Mac II series, LCs, Quadras, and others.

Under our “once removed” rule, discussion of first generation Power Macs is acceptable. However, Power Macs should generally be discussed in their own group.

Be sure to read our guide to netiquette before posting to the group. If you wish to discuss group rules, please join LEMlists, our ‘meta-group’ for discussing our groups and their rules.

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The Vintage Macs Group was begun on 1998.06.18 and moved to Google Groups 2006.01.27.

How can I subscribe to Vintage Macs?

There are several ways to read messages from The Vintage Macs List:

  • Individual messages
  • Abridged messages, a daily summary of messages
  • Digest mode, a daily collection of full messages
  • No email
  • Online

You can subscribe via email or online.

To subscribe via email, send an email to vintage-macs+subscribe@googlegroups.com. To unsubscribe, send an email to vintage-macs+unsubscribe@googlegroups.com. You must register online if you wish to set your subscription to digest mode, abridged messages, or no email.

To subscribe online, go to http://groups.google.com/group/vintage-macs and click on Join this group. You do not need a Google/Gmail account to participate. If you don’t have a Gmail address or wish to use another address, click on the Sign up now link.

Although you will begin receiving messages from the group right away, Google Groups will not accept an email posting until you confirm your email address. Also, in an attempt to keep spammers out, the first messages from new members will be checked by a group manager before they are posted.

You will receive a confirmation email from Google Groups at your subscribed address. You must click on the link in this message to verify your email address. That will generate a second email from Google Groups, and it’s only after responding to the second message that you’ll be able to post to the group. Watch out – one or both of these may be marked as junk mail by your spam filter.

Use http://groups.google.com/group/vintage-macs to change your subscription mode or remove yourself from the group.

If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the group’s RSS feed at http://groups.google.com/group/vintage-macs/feed/rss_v2_0_msgs.xml

How can I distinguish messages from Vintage Macs from all the other email I get?

Messages from this group will include “vintage-macs” in their footer.

Who oversees the Vintage Macs List?

Dan Knight of Low End Mac http://lowendmac.com/ manages Vintage Macs, which was begun on June 18, 1998. Marten van de Kraats, Stuart Bell, Paul Stamsen, Scott Baret, Derek Morton, and Willi Kusche are the group “nannies” (group managers).

Is Vintage Macs only for users of Vintage Macs?

While anyone may join, this group will be most helpful to those using Vintage Macs.

How does Google Groups work?

Anyone who has access to the Internet may join to Vintage Macs at http://groups.google.com/group/vintage-macs. Members can receive an email copy of every message sent to the posting address, vintage-macs@googlegroups.com. If you wish to reply or post a new message everyone to the group, send email – either replying to the message to which you are responding or sending a new one – to vintage-macs@googlegroups.com.

Because Google Groups requires an email address but not a name, I may not have names of all members of the group. As of February 2015, this groups has 1,621 members – and people don’t need to join the group to read postings online.

How can I get a copy of the email addresses for members?

You can’t. To communicate with the group, send messages to the posting address vintage-macs@googlegroups.com. Google deliberately blocks access to the subscriber list to prevent addresses from being harvested by spammers.

What topics may be discussed?

Anything relating to Vintage Macs. Vintage Macs is mostly an unmoderated closed group. Unmoderated means messages are sent to the group without prior knowledge of the group owner or managers; closed means only members may post. The group is closed to help fight spam, and first postings from new members must be reviewed and approved by a group manager before they are sent to the group, a step made necessary by spammers.

Group managers are authorized to remove the following types of messages from the group archive: spam, test messages, and unsubscribe postings. Content of each message is the responsibility of the person posting it.

Because the group is closed, you will only be able to post from a subscribed address.

What topics may not be discussed?

The list is short:

  • Never post a link for Apple Service Manuals. Apple has a policy of shutting down sites that post such links, and Apple has people on some of our lists, so posting such links contributes to the sites posting this information being shut down. Nobody wins when that happens.
  • These are Mac lists – don’t advocate PCs. Sure, they have their place in the world, but pushing PCs here is asking for trouble. Such posts usually fall under the categories of flaming or trolling. We don’t want that here, so stick to Macs and Vintage Macs clones.

What tone is expected in the discussion and who will facilitate this?

This has become a kind and helpful community. Since Mac users range from beginners to gurus, please be tolerant of “dumb” questions, and please don’t bait or snipe at each other.

The group is expected to handle things responsibly, and members are expected to behave in such a way that the group requires minimal administrative intervention. When action is required, the group owner and managers will act in accordance with our Rules for Group Management. This page also defines terms (ban, block, flame, troll, etc.) and lists the responsibilities of members.

Please report any major breach of netiquette to the .

Is there an accessible archive of messages sent to Vintage Macs?

Yes, it’s available at http://groups.google.com/group/vintage-macs.

What other Internet resources are available for users of Vintage Macs computers?

Low End Mac is excellent, in my admittedly biased opinion as webmaster.