PowerBook 180c

The PowerBook 180c added an active matrix 256-color screen to the already popular PowerBook 180. The color screen took its toll on the battery, reducing usable life to aboone1 hour.

PowerBook 145b

The PowerBook 145b replaced the PowerBook 145. It offered the same performance at a lower price. It was replaced by the 33 MHz PowerBook 150 in mid 1994.

DayStar Turbo 040 Processor Upgrade

If you want to get a real jump on performance, but you don’t want to have to buy new PowerPC ready applications, then the Turbo 040 is for you. Unlike a Power Macintosh, DayStar’s Turbo 040 radically accelerates all your current software and doesn’t require the purchase of new PowerPC versions of your applications. And […]

Personal LaserWriter 300

Earlier in 1993, Apple had introduced its low-end LaserWriter Select line, which seemed like a replacement for the Personal LaserWriter family – but here was the Personal LaserWriter 300, another low cost 4-page-per-minute serial-only QuickDraw printer similar to the Personal LaserWriter LS. Color me confused by two competing product lines!